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There is a lot to know about taking on more business opportunities and experiencing further business growth as a Fiverr Seller.
Seller Plus program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to further succeed in the Fiverr Marketplace and accelerate your business.


What do you get from the Seller Plus program?

All Seller Plus members will have access to expert tools and benefits that can support their success on Fiverr.

The program includes an Advanced Analytics dashboard, a faster withdrawal option (7-day clearance), marketing tools (Seller Coupons, Buyer activity insights, etc.), priority with our Customer Support, and more exclusive features.

Note: The faster withdrawal option (7-day clearance) only affects orders that are completed after you join the Seller Plus program. It does not apply to orders that are marked as "Completed" and start clearing before you join the program.

The Premium plan—available to eligible sellers—also includes a dedicated and personal Success Manager that provides personal guidance in your business journey.


Seller Plus eligibility

There are two tiers to the Seller Plus Program—Standard or Premium.
Eligibility to join programs and change your seller level is dependent on different requirements and

Note: Make sure that your Gig is aligned with our Community Standards. In any instance of violation, the necessary actions will be taken against your account.

Your Success Manager can advise, consult, and guide you on how to better your chances of being included in programs in the future—however, they can't automatically include you in programs or change your level.


Disclaimer: Some of the services shown may only be available for Seller Plus Premium members.

The Premium plan has extended offers and includes some of the following:

  • Success Manager
  • Priority vetting to achieve Top Rated Seller (TRS) Level
  • More coupons 

We’re constantly evolving the program, and have more exclusive Premium features on the way!


Seller Plus subscriptions 

The Seller Plus Program is a monthly subscription for sellers, and members can opt out whenever they choose to.

Seller Plus members will be charged the full price immediately, and then every 30 days.
A Seller Plus member may cancel at any time, however, the charges and benefits will cease at the end of the current billing month.

We recommend Long Term Program membership, since it may take a few months to start seeing results in the Marketplace.


Learn more about the program’s full terms and conditions with Seller Plus Program Terms of Service.



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