Your personal Success Manager

One of the benefits of being a Seller Plus Premium member is access to a personal Success Manager. Your Success Manager will provide you with the tips and tricks required to successfully convert business opportunities into reality—ranging from your Profile and Gig optimization to your business growth

The role of your Success Manager

Success Managers are experts at how Fiverr works. They will share their expert-level advice and guidance with you based on their knowledge of Fiverr, as well as, the best practices of the Marketplace’s most successful sellers.

Your Success Manager will assist you with:

  • Best practices and tips to use in the Marketplace
    This includes how to improve communication with clients, Gig keywords, pricing guidance, tips and tricks to improve your Gig’s visibility and conversion, and more!
    Your Success Manager will also guide you on how to handle an active dispute, as well as, help accelerate the Customer Support’s speed with any tickets you open.

  • Gig Makeovers
    Your Success Manager will guide you through rethinking, restyling, and optimizing your Gig—making use of their vast wealth of Fiverr experience and knowledge. Learn the best practices behind high-level achievement and how to obtain a new level.

  • New business opportunities and guidance on growth
    With a Success Manager by your side, you can make the most out of each feature and benefit. Work with your Success Manager to learn about how to give top-notch service to clients, optimize your Gigs, and increase your chances to qualify for growth programs (based on high performance, such as Top Rated Sellers and Fiverr’s Choice).

  • Understanding level promotions
    Your Success Manager can’t promote or demote your level as a Seller directly. However, they’ll show you the ins and outs of how Fiverr works, assist you in climbing the levels ladder, and help you prevent future level demotions.


1. How can I get a Success Manager?
All eligible Seller Plus premium sellers can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Success Manager. After you’re subscribed to Seller Plus Premium, you can schedule a meeting with your Success Manager from here.

Learn more about Seller Plus eligibility with Seller Plus overview.
Learn more with Seller Plus Terms and Conditions.

2. I’m a Standard Tier member, will I have access to a Success Manager?
Since our Success Managers provide a personalized service, they’re limited to working with a certain number of sellers and are available in the Premium tier only. 

3. What days and times will my Success Manager be available?
In general, your Success Manager will be available during normal business hours, five days a week. Success Managers normally respond to emails within 1-2 business days. For urgent matters, please contact our Support team. 

4. How do I contact my Success Manager?
You can contact your Success Manager with a personal call or via e-mail.
Schedule a call here.

5. Can my Success Manager help improve my Gig’s position in search results?
While your Success Manager cannot directly change where your Gig appears in the search position, they’ll share plenty of tips and tricks on how to improve your Gig’s visibility and conversion rates with you.

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