Seller dashboard on the mobile app

On the Fiverr app, you can manage your freelancer tasks from your home screen, which is also known as the dashboard.

Note: Make sure the Seller mode toggle is turned on. This feature is only available on recent app versions: Android: 4.0.5 or later and iOS: 3.34 or later.

There are 4 sections on this screen. The top section shows the performance metrics related to your level, followed by: Earnings, To-Dos, and My Gigs.


Performance metrics

At the top of the screen, you’ll see the performance metrics that contribute to your level status.


My level Your current freelancer level on Fiverr.
Success score This new metric analyzes each of your Gigs in key areas related to the order process and your relationship with clients, relative to other freelancers. Each Gig’s history is examined in 6 key areas to determine its individual score, and these Gig scores are then used to determine your overall success score.

More details on your individual Gig scores are available on the Fiverr website.
Rating  Reflects the average of ratings provided by clients you’ve worked with. This is the same rating that is seen on your profile.
Response rate  Reflects how often you replied to new messages within 24 hours, over the last 90 days.
Orders Shows the total number of orders you’ve completed on Fiverr.
Unique clients This metric shows the number of different clients you’ve worked with on Fiverr. (Each client counts once, regardless of how many orders they’ve placed.)
Earnings This metric shows your total earnings on Fiverr.


If you tap on any area in this section, you will see more details on these metrics. Learn more about the new level system.


In this section, you can see your personal balance, your earnings for the current month, the average selling price for you Gigs, active orders, earnings that have not yet cleared, and canceled orders. Tap to see more details.



In this section, you can see activity for any unread messages, revision requests, upcoming deliveries, late deliveries, and new orders. Tap any one for more details.


My Gigs

In this section, you can see your Gig statistics for the last 7 days.



Views These are the number of page views on the actual Gig page.
Impressions These are the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page).
Social Clicks This is the number of clicks on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Clicks These are clicks from impressions or the number of clicks after a user saw it once on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page.
Conversion This is the total number of orders resulting from clicks after views.


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