Success score

The new success score metric looks at each of your Gigs in key areas related to the order process and your relationship with clients. Each Gig’s history is examined to determine an individual score, relative to other freelancers. These individual Gig scores are then used to determine your overall success score.

What does the success score impact?

This success score is one of several elements contributing to the visibility of your Gigs in the marketplace and is one of the 6 performance metrics that helps determine your eligibility for each freelancer level. You can find your success score on your level overview page

How the success score is calculated

The overall success score considers all of your individual Gig scores, with more weight given to Gigs with more orders. This helps ensure an accurate reflection of the performance of your individual Gigs in proportion to their order activity.

Individual Gig scores (located under ‘Score by Gig’) are determined by examining the order history of each Gig in 6 key areas. This comprehensive analysis offers actionable insights, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement.

Tip: To help you understand the factors influencing each Gig score, you can expand each Gig to see the key areas that impact the score the most (both positively and negatively).

Key areas

The 6 key areas are client satisfaction, effective communication, conflict-free orders, order cancellations, delivery time, and value for money.

Each key area includes a number of related data points, both quantitative and qualitative.


Tip: To help you understand the factors influencing each Gig score, you’ll see the key areas that impact the score the most (both positively and negatively).


Key areas Description

Best practices

See more tips here.

Client satisfaction Beyond ratings, this key area examines different data points from reviews you received, along with other stats that reflect how happy buyers are with the overall order experience.

Understand your client’s needs, stay in touch throughout the process, and exceed their expectations.


Effective communication Effective communication is determined by your responsiveness, helpfulness, and ability to set clear expectations.

Be professional and polite, ask any necessary questions and answer client questions promptly, explain your process, and share your progress along the way. 


Conflict-free orders Evaluates the frequency and nature of reported disputes and related issues during the order process.

Avoid potential conflicts by setting clear expectations and respectfully responding to any client concerns. 


Order cancellations

Examines the effect of cancellations on the overall order process.  Prevent cancellations by being proactive with communication, understanding your client’s needs, and staying in touch throughout the process. If there are issues, work to find mutually beneficial solutions.
Delivery time Reflects how often you deliver on time or ahead of time, factoring in the frequency of late deliveries. Deliver on time, or early, if possible.
Value for money Shows if clients feel they got what they paid for. Set clear prices that factor in the time and effort required to complete a quality delivery. And make sure the delivery merits the price paid by the client.

To see more details on your success score, go to your level overview, click on your success score metric, and scroll down to scores by Gig. Expand each one to see which key areas have a positive or negative impact on your score, identifying both strengths and opportunities for growth.

If your success score falls to a critically low level, your account will be labeled low performance and your visibility will be affected.  


  1. How often can my success score change?
    The success score is intentionally designed to remain relatively stable. It does not fluctuate too often, as it considers the history of your orders over time, rather than focusing on individual transactions. Therefore, any changes to your success score take some time to reflect, ensuring a more comprehensive evaluation of your overall performance.

  2. How can I improve my success score?
    We recommend looking at the details of your success score on your level overview page. You can expand each Gig score (under ‘Scores by Gig’) to see which key areas have the strongest impact, both positively and negatively. To improve the areas with a negative impact, take a look at the tips provided in this article, along with the resources available on your dashboard. This information provides a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to your success score and how you can improve.
    For more helpful tips, check out this article.

  3. Will buyers see my success score? 
    No, your success score is something only you as a freelancer will be able to see. However, it's important to note that your success score affects your overall level, which buyers are able to see in the marketplace.

If you have any questions about your success score, you can reach out to our Customer support specialists.

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