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Your Fiverr intro video must contain footage of yourself.  An intro video allows you to personally introduce yourself and your services. This personal touch can make buyers feel more connected to you, seeing the person behind the service. It humanizes your profile, making it more relatable and trustworthy.

Videos for Video and Animation should be in English—unless English subtitles are included.


Utilize the Fiverr intro video to Introduce yourself in a short video to build credibility and Increase Engagement.

Incorporating an intro video on your seller page is a strategic move that leverages the power of visual media to enhance your profile's appeal, clarify your offerings, and build a foundation of trust with potential buyers. By making a strong, positive first impression, you increase the likelihood of converting viewers into clients.


How it works

Buyers will see your video on your seller page and Gig page.

To upload your Fiverr intro video:

  1. Log in > Switch to Selling > click your Profile image > Profile.
  2. Scroll down until you see the intro video section (on the left side).
  3. Review the video, make sure it looks perfect (for you), and that it complies with the guidelines and requirements below.
  4. Transfer the file to your computer and upload it through the Intro video form.
  5. Once uploaded, your video will be moderated and published when approved.
  6. You can re-upload via your Profile page.

Guidelines and requirements

  • Present and show yourself and only yourself
    Don’t show someone else in the video, since this will also violate our policy. This does not apply to Agencies.
    Learn more with our Privacy Policy.

  • Mention all important and relevant information
    Don’t forget to include your name, your service offering and any other relevant information that sets you apart. Make sure you set the tone and expectations to the type of relationship clients can expect.

  • Include English subtitles
    We highly recommend including English subtitles, to make sure you are understood, no matter who is watching.
    Check out our Subtitles & Captions Category for sellers who can help.

  • Your video should be between 20-60 seconds long
    Remember to keep it simple and short.

  • Videos must have clean audio
    Poor-quality audio will make your video sound unprofessional.
    To help with good-quality audio, look for a quiet place, make sure there are no ambient noises, and put your phone in flight mode.

  • Write a script or prepare ahead
    It’s important to present yourself and speak naturally and freely—even if you’ve prepared a script in advance.

Helpful tips

Here are some helpful tips including:

Script - What should I say?

Make sure your script includes the following

  1. Personal Touch: Starting with a greeting and introducing yourself makes the video feel more personal and engaging.
  2. Clarity and Conciseness: Clearly stating your offerings, experience, and specialization helps viewers quickly understand what you do and your expertise.
  3. Show Passion: Expressing what you enjoy about your work and your favorite projects adds passion and enthusiasm, making your pitch more compelling.
  4. Unique Selling Point: Highlighting a fun fact or unique skill differentiates you from competitors, making you memorable.
  5. Call to Action: Ending with an invitation to collaborate is a warm and engaging way to encourage viewers to take the next step.

Now put it all together: Example-

"Hello! I'm {insert full name} and I'm passionate about [insert gig offering]. With [insert years of experience] years of experience specializing in [insert skill/s], I've dedicated myself to delivering exceptional results in [mention the industry or field].

I thrive on [describe types of projects you typically work on], with a particular love for projects involving [project type]—they really allow me to bring my skills and creativity to the forefront. 

What sets me apart? [Insert a fun fact or unique skill, like being bilingual or having a unique approach to your work], which adds an extra layer of depth to my services. 

I'm here to bring your vision to life, and I can't wait to collaborate with you. Let's create something amazing together!"

Shorter version

Hey! My name is {insert full name}, I offer {insert gig offering}, I specialize in {insert skill/s} and I have been working in the field for {how long have you been working}. I usually {types of projects you typically work on} and my favorite type of project to do is {project type}.

I {fun fact related to my work e.g I am fluent in both English and French} and I can’t wait to work with you.


Recommended equipment and location

Here are our recommendations for equipment, background, and how to light up your shot.

  • Camera
    You can use the back camera of your smartphone or any digital camera that can shoot HD video.

  • Microphone
    Audio quality is just as important as video quality.
    Try to use an external microphone—if you have one—or headphones for better audio quality.
  • Find a clean and presentable background
    We recommend an office or studio.

  • Make sure both you and your background are well lit
    Try to film yourself in daylight with an indirect light source, and avoid lighting from behind you or directly above your head.

  • Try not to mix different color temperatures
    For instance, if you're shooting in daylight (a “colder”, blue color), don’t enhance the lighting by using a warm-light lamp (orange color).

What to wear

It’s always best to look professional and presentable, but don’t be afraid to mix your personality with your outfit.

  • Wear solid colors
    Avoid small, busy prints, which can be distracting (or even look blurry on video).

  • Stand out from your background
    Wear a color that contrasts with the background of your video.

  • Keep your face visible
    Refrain from shadows, wearing hats, sunglasses, or anything that obstructs your face.

Frame your shot for success

Our best recommendation is to smile and be yourself—our buyers want to see you.

  • Place the camera on a stable surface, at eye level
    Make sure your eyes are framed in the upper third of the shot (frame), and use a tripod if possible.
  • Film your video in landscape mode
    Turn your smartphone sideways, so it’s filming horizontally.
  • Talk directly to the camera
    Make sure to sit on a stable chair and maintain eye contact with the camera (as if you’re having a conversation with the buyer).

Get creative with the editing process

  • Your video can be professionally edited—but it doesn’t have to be
    Check out our Video Editing Category for sellers who can help.

  • You can use additional footage (if needed)
    Make sure your face is visible for most of the video.

  • You’re welcome to use background music if you’d like
    Just make sure your voice can be heard clearly throughout the video, and that you have the rights to use the audio/music.

Practices to avoid

Here are some practices to prevent and avoid, ensuring your video gets approved smoothly.

  • Don’t show someone else in the video
    Only represent the relevant services offered and you must be the speaker in the video. This does not apply to Agencies.
    Check out our examples below.

  • Don’t ask to communicate outside of the Fiverr platform or exchange personal contact information
    This includes URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, social media tags, etc.

  • Don’t show a Fiverr seller badge, your seller level, or stars representing your rating in your Gig video
    Fiverr automatically includes this information in your Profile.

  • Don’t include watermarks or content that you don't have permission to use
    Avoid adding content and/or media that you don't have the right/permission to use.
    For example,
     Copyrighted audio, watermarked images that aren't your own, trademarked products in the background, etc.

  • Don’t offer prohibited services as defined by our Community Standards
    If your video doesn’t comply with Fiverr policies or violates our Terms of Service, it will not be approved.
    Learn more with Fiverr's Community Standards.


Framing examples




Inspiration and examples

Check out these intro videos for some inspiration:



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