Reviews and ratings for freelancers

As a freelancer, building a good reputation is very important for your career. A reliable rating system helps with that. Reviews from your buyers provide helpful feedback about your work and service quality. These reviews give future clients an idea of what to expect when they work with you. When you leave reviews for your buyers, it also helps keep the marketplace fair and trustworthy. This two-way review process makes everyone more accountable. By using reviews wisely and staying professional, you can boost your profile and get more job opportunities.


Providing a review as a freelancer

  1. Once the order is complete, your buyer will be able to leave a review.

  2. As soon as a buyer adds their review, you will receive a notification allowing you the option to leave a review of your own on the order page.

  3. Only after submitting your review of the buyer, will both reviews become visible on the platform.
    Note: For some categories, it will be visible within 14-30 days.

  4. As a  freelancer, you will be able to leave a public comment on a buyer's review, which will be visible on your Gig.

  5. To ensure a reliable and honest rating system, buyer reviews are final once published.


  • When leaving a review or a comment on a review, please remain respectful and professional in order to positively represent your business. Remember, your communication will be visible to potential buyers.

Things to note

  • Public ratings will reflect two years back from the most recent review (as opposed to lifetime ratings) to ensure that they’re relevant to freelancers’ most recent quality and skills. 
    • The total number of reviews will still reflect lifetime activity.

  • Ratings and reviews are subjective and reflect an individual experience. Not all buyers can be 100% satisfied, and reaching out to past buyers to request the removal or modification of their rating or review is against Fiverr’s Community Standards

  • Customer Support will only remove reviews that violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service and Community Standards

  • It is against Fiverr policies to:
    • Solicit reviews from buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades, or any other type of additional benefit
    • Manipulate, pressure, or ask a buyer to edit or remove feedback or a review from the platform
    • Manipulate, pressure, or ask a buyer to add a 5-star review or give more positive feedback than they are already willing to provide

To learn more about the latest updates to the reviews and ratings system, please refer to this article.


  1. Why did you add the ‘value of delivery’ question to the public feedback form?
    Previously, freelancers couldn't see the submitted feedback for this question. With this change, we are able to provide more insights into customer perceptions and make them more transparent. This also simplifies the feedback process, reducing the number of forms customers need to fill out and allowing more feedback to be collected while offering pricing insights. For example, consistently high ‘value of delivery’ scores may signal opportunities to raise Gig prices.

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