Verifying your account using your phone

Disclaimer: Please make sure that the phone you're using is an operational, valid, and reliable phone number.
Google Voice and other similar VOIP services are not supported.

Your account security is important to us, and we're continuously working to improve the quality of the marketplace. As Fiverr becomes a primary service for millions of users, we aim to increase the level of your account security by complying with certain security regulations.

To increase the level of account security and trust, phone verification is used to adhere to this commitment to a secure marketplace. While phone verification isn't mandatory for buyers, it is recommended.

How to verify your phone

Note: Before you start the verification process, make sure that you are using a laptop/PC as the process must be initiated via a computer. 


To add phone verification:

  1. Log in and click your Profile picture > Settings > Security.
  2. Under PHONE VERIFICATION > Verify Now.
  3. Your country is selected automatically based on your IP address.
  4. Enter your phone number > select Verify by SMS or Verify by Call.
    Verify by SMS: Receive a verification code via SMS to your phone.
    Verify by Call: Receive a call stating the verification code.
  5. Enter your verification code and click Submit Code > Done.

How to change your registered phone number

  1. Log in and click your Profile picture > Settings > Phone Verification > Edit.
  2. Answer your security question.
  3. Provide your old phone number.
    Note: You don't need access to the physical phone itself, you just need to know the phone number.
  4. Enter your new number.
  5. We’ll send you an SMS code to your new phone number in order to verify your account.
Note: If you don’t remember your phone number or security question, please contact our Customer Support team

Troubleshooting solutions for phone verification

If you're having issues with the phone verification process, try to:

  1. Make sure you are using a laptop/PC to verify your phone number.
    This process cannot be completed on a mobile device.
  2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies. 
  3. Use incognito mode or a different browser.
  4. Contact Customer Support.


  1. Will my phone number be public?
    Not at all—we don't share your phone number with other Fiverr users.
    Your privacy is just as important to us as your account security. Your phone number remains private with Fiverr, and will not be used for commercial or marketing purposes.

  2. How will you use my phone number?
    After we verify your number for the first time, we will ask you to verify again at different touchpoints for your own account security.
    We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do believe that keeping your account secure is worth the minimal effort.

  3. Why do I need to answer a security question?
    Providing us with your own unique answer to a security question of your choice is required as a backup procedure.
    For example, if you were to lose your phone or replace your number, your security question is used to verify that it is you.
    Please make sure not to forget the answer you provide as it will be our only way of recovering an account that has any verification problems.

    Tip: Don't send the security answer to your email.

  4.  What if I don’t own a mobile phone?
    No problem at all. We provide the option to receive the verification code by either a call or by SMS. So if you don’t have a mobile number, simply provide your landline phone number.

  5. Why are the buttons grey, and why can't I click on them?
    Please ensure that you are completing the process using a computer since the phone verification process cannot be completed on a mobile device.

  6. I am unable to verify my phone, are there any limitations on how many times I can try to verify?
    There are three attempts to verify: two via SMS and one via phone call. However, you can only attempt to verify one number every 24 hours.

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