Password, security question, and two-factor authentication

Important: Customer Support will never ask for your password, but may ask you for your security question's answer in specific situations (e.g., to verify account ownership).
This is always managed through an official Customer Support request. 

About your password

How to manage your account security settings?
Remember to always keep your personal security settings information private. Your password is personal and private, and should never be shared with anyone.

Your Fiverr account's password is created during the sign-up process, and will be used for logging into your account.

How to change your password

To change or update your password, if you remember and have access to it:

  1. Profile image > Settings > Security.
  2. Go to Change password > Save Changes.

If you forgot your password

Note: If you don't have access to your registered email address, and can't log into your account, please contact Customer Support to assist you.

If you forgot your password, and would like to reset it

  1. Go to, click on Sign in > Continue with username/email.

  2. Click on Forgot password

  3. Enter your email address > click on Reset password.
  4. If the email matches the account, a password reset email will be sent to that address.

If you signed up using a social connect button and don't know your password:

  1. Follow the instructions above, and reset your password through the Forgot Password link.

To disconnect an account from your connected accounts on your iOS or Android app:

  1. Click on your profile icon > Preferences > Security
  2. Click on Connected accounts > Edit (For Android, select the red right arrow)> Disconnect.

Security questions

Important: Customer Support will only ask for the answer to your security question to verify account ownership.

To increase your account security, we recommend that you set up a security question.

You will be asked this question when making specific changes within your account settings so be sure that the answer is something only you would know.

How to add or change your security question

Note: If you forgot the answer to your security question, please contact Customer Support.

To add a security question:

  1. Profile image > Settings > Security.

  2. Security question > Edit.

  3. Select your question > Add the answer > Submit.

To change your security question:

  1. Profile image > Settings > Security.
  2. Security Question > Edit.
  3. Answer your existing question.
  4. Select a new question > Add the answer > Submit.


Two-Factor Authentication

To increase your account security, set up two-factor authentication.

Whenever you log in through a new device, you will receive a code via the registered email address (default), verified phone number (if the account is phone verified), or to another device where you sign into Fiverr.

Set up or disable Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Click your Profile PictureSettings.

  2. Under Security, scroll down to TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION, and use the slider to activate/deactivate.
    Note: Two-factor authentication can't be completely removed from your account.
    If you disable it, you'll still get notifications of new sign-ins from different devices, but you won't be asked to provide a login code.

  3. The code is sent to your registered email address by default. However, if you wish to receive a code to your phone—phone verify your account.
    Learn more with Verifying your account using your phone.

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