Fiverr's new level system

Our enhanced level system empowers you with transparent metrics showing exactly what drives your progress. As you gain more experience on the platform and advance to higher levels, you'll access new benefits and tools to help you succeed, guiding you towards continuous improvement and unlocking your full potential on Fiverr. 

In addition to seeing your current level, you’ll find your performance metrics, progress tracker, level benefits, and additional resources.

How to access your level overview 

You can access your level overview page in two ways:

  1. Once logged in, click on your level displayed on the top left of your dashboard. This link will take you directly to the overview page.
  2. Alternatively, navigate through the top header menu by clicking on Growth & Marketing followed by "Level Overview".

Performance metrics

Your performance metrics include: Success score, rating, response rate, orders, unique buyers, and earnings.


Let's explore each metric in detail to help you understand them thoroughly:

  • Success score - This new metric analyzes each of your Gigs in key areas related to the order process and your relationship with clients, relative to other freelancers. Each Gig’s history is examined to determine its individual score, and these Gig scores are then used to determine your overall success score. Learn more with Success score.

  • Rating - Reflects the average of ratings provided by clients you’ve worked with. This is the same rating that is seen on your profile. Learn more with Reviews and ratings for freelancers.
  • Response RateReflects how often you replied to new messages within 24 hours, over the last 90 days. Learn more with Order response rate.

  • Orders - Shows the total number of orders you’ve completed on Fiverr. Learn more with Order completion rate FAQs.

  • Unique clients: This metric shows the number of different clients you’ve worked with on Fiverr. (Each buyer counts once, regardless of how many orders they’ve placed.)

  • Earnings- This metric shows your earnings on Fiverr. Learn more with Your Earnings page.

*When you have active Gigs, there are daily evaluations of all 6 metrics. 

Progress tracker

The progress tracker provides an at-a-glance view of your journey in the level system. Quickly see how close you are to qualifying for the next level. 

Level criteria

Newcomers to Fiverr embark on their journey as "new". From this starting point, new freelancers’ hard work can propel them to Level 1 and beyond. Refer to the chart below for details on each level's eligibility requirements.

Success score Rating Response rate Orders Unique clients Earnings Additional evaluation*
Level 1 5+ 4.4+ 80% 5 3 $400 N/A
Level 2 7+ 4.6+ 90% 20  10 $2,000 N/A
Top Rated  9+ 4.7+ 90% 40 20 $10,000 Yes

* To move up to Top Rated, once you meet the criteria for all 6 metrics, there will be an evaluation of your overall performance, beyond the core metrics, to consider advancement based on internal factors.

Moving up and down

Moving up
Once you meet the criteria in all 6 metrics for Level 1 and Level 2, you'll move up automatically (keep in mind that there may be a 24 h delay for this to reflect). To progress to Top Rated, you'll also need to pass a manual evaluation to confirm your eligibility.

Moving down
If you fall below the required criteria for your current level, you will enter a grace period of 30 days.

If you are a Level 1 or Level 2 freelancer and are unable to improve your stats during this time, you will move down to the level corresponding with your metrics.

If you are Top Rated and are unable to improve your stats during a grace period, your account will be reviewed to determine whether you can remain Top Rated or need to move to a lower level.

For metrics below the criteria for Level 1, you will move to Level 0.

Note: If your success score falls to a critically low level, your account will be labeled low performance and your visibility will be affected.  

Participation in the level system  

We are dedicated to protecting the integrity of our platform while maintaining a safe and trustworthy experience on the Fiverr marketplace. While your freelancer level is determined by your performance on Fiverr, your participation in the level system is determined by your behavior on the platform. 

A breach of our policies (Terms of Service or Community Standards) can affect your participation in one of the following ways:

On hold

Certain violations of our policies can result in your account being placed on hold. During this time, you are not able to progress in the level system while the warning is active. However, if your performance drops, you can be moved to a lower level. 

Account flagged

If an account is flagged for a severe breach of Fiverr’s policies, such as location inconsistencies or any other tactic suggesting a connection to previous activity in violation of Fiverr's policies (Terms of Service or Community Standards), it will be excluded from participation in the level system. 

Learn more with our How we enforce policies article.


Level benefits

Dive into the benefits table to discover what’s waiting for you at each level. As you ascend, each level unlocks helpful growth tools and offers opportunities to access powerful programs—all designed to propel your business forward.

  New Level 1 Level 2 Top Rated

Number of Gigs

All Gig statuses except deleted and automation Gigs (e.g. logo maker / Consultation Gigs) are taken into account for the number of Gigs

4 10 10 30
Can send custom offers 2 4 5 6
Can add a portfolio to profile
Can add an intro video to profile
Can offer milestone payments
Can meet clients over Zoom in active order chats
Eligible for Seller Plus Standard* ✓  
Can offer Subscriptions
Can advertise with Promoted Gigs*
Eligible for Seller Plus Premium*
Can add top clients to profile
Can offer paid consultations
Can access Early Payout*
Priority support
Faster payments

*Paid program or feature


  1. How is the level system reflected in the marketplace?
    Badges for Level 1, Level 2, and Top Rated are shown in the marketplace on Gig cards, Gig pages, and freelancer profiles. There are no badges for new freelancers or Level 0.

  2. How does this level system differ from the one we had before?
    The new level system was designed to offer more transparency, clarity, and tools for growth and success. We’ve added a new level overview page, updated the criteria for each level, and changed the process for moving up (and down) levels.

    The new level overview page lets you know exactly where you stand and offers:
    • Details on each contributing metric
    • Benefits available at each level

      The criteria for each level has changed:
    • A focus on 6 performance metrics, including rating, response rate, orders, unique clients, earnings, and the new success score, which examines the order history of each of your Gigs through the lens of different key areas. Each key area contains a number of data points, some of which were included in the previous level system.

    • Stats like seniority, days without warnings, order completion rate (OCR), and on-time deliveries are no longer directly related to your level status.

      And it’s now easier to move up, and more difficult to be moved to a lower level.
    • Once you qualify in all 6 metrics for Level 1 and Level 2, you can move up by the next day. (There’s an additional review to move up to Top Rated.)

    • If any of your metrics drop below the required criteria, you’ll enter a 30-day grace period to improve your stats before you’re moved down to a lower level. (If you’re Top Rated, you’ll also be reviewed here, too, before a decision is made about your level status.)
  1. How are these levels related to Pro?
    Pro freelancers—who have been vetted and approved based on their professional experience, and enjoy their own set of benefits—can be part of the level system on, where their level status will depend on their metrics and their performance on the marketplace.

  2. If I move down, do I lose the benefits I’ve earned?
    With the exception of milestone payments, portfolio, intro video, and top clients, you will lose access to benefits not listed for your current level.

    Please note: The new level benefits will be available on March 14, after the initial transition period.

    If you are currently using programs that are not included with your new level (Promoted Gigs or Seller Plus), you will receive detailed communication about how the new level system affects your access. 

  3. Can I view the new level system on the Fiverr app?
    During the initial launch phase, you will only see your current level on the Fiverr app. The new level system will be available on the app in early March.

For further questions on Fiverr’s level system, please reach out to our Customer support specialists.

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