Top Rated

The Top Rated badge lets buyers know which freelancers have been recognized for the highest level of quality and service.

While achieving Top Rated status has been a popular goal, the process to reach Fiverr’s top level hasn’t always been clear. Our new level system was designed to offer more transparency, actionable insights, and a clear view of your progress. 

Learn more about the benefits of Fiverr's new level system.

How to achieve Top Rated status 

All Top Rated freelancers are individually reviewed and approved by Fiverr’s evaluation team. 

To qualify for this review, you must first meet the following criteria.
Tip: Monitor your progress on your level overview page. 


Criteria to qualify for Top Rated review 
Level 2
Success score 9
Rating 4.7
Response rate  90%
Orders 40
Unique clients 20
Earnings $10,000

Note: Some categories require additional prerequisites or mandatory skill tests before freelancers can progress to a review.

Next, the evaluation team will review your eligibility for Top Rated status.
We are currently focusing on high-demand categories in need of more Top Rated freelancers. Jump to our list of categories and estimated frames for a decision

After your review, you will receive an email with the team’s decision. 

If you are approved, you will see your new Top Rated status on your dashboard
and your level overview page.   

If you're not approved, you’ll receive an email with more information, including the primary reason for the team’s decision. You'll stay at Level 2, and if your metrics still qualify in 6 months, you'll be eligible for another review.

How the Top Rated review is structured

In considering your eligibility for Top Rated, the evaluation team performs a holistic review, examining the following 4 pillars. Learn more about what makes a Top Rated freelancer.

Fiverr’s 4 evaluation pillars:

  1. Professional Skills
    Your proficiency and the quality of deliveries in relation to the scope of services provided.

  2. Communication and Service
    Your overall responsiveness and your ability to set clear expectations and provide a smooth and seamless client experience.

  3. Professional Presence
    The structure of your Gigs and profile, as well as the use of features like an intro video to connect with prospective clients and a portfolio to showcase skills and experience.

  4. Compliance with Fiverr's Policies
    Verification that your account activity complies with our Terms of Service and Community Standards.

We also recommend following our Dos and Don'ts:



1. Do present yourself professionally

Build an attractive and trustworthy presence on Fiverr with exceptional Gig pages and freelancer profile. 

1. Don’t misrepresent yourself or your business

Clearly represent your qualifications, services, and identity—and refrain from unauthorized use of content or deceptive pricing in all aspects of your Gig offerings.

2. Do deliver exceptional value 

Ensure that every service you offer provides outstanding value in terms of price, timeliness, and expertise, and demonstrates flexibility to customize your work according to the buyer's specific needs.

2. Don’t duplicate any active Gigs or services

Ensure your Gigs offer different services and are not synonymous with each other. 

For example: 

Don’t: “I will build your Wix website” and “I will create your website using Wix”

Do” “I will build your Wix website” and “I will build your Wordpress website”

3. Do make sure to meet client expectations by providing services that match your Gig’s description and requirements

Learn more with Service & Success: Customer Satisfaction

3. Don’t violate our Terms of Service or Community Standards
We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and trustworthy experience on the Fiverr marketplace. While your freelancer level is determined by your performance on Fiverr, your participation in the level system is determined by your content and behavior on the platform.

Maintaining Top Rated status

Similar to freelancers at other levels, Top Rated freelancers must maintain the required metrics to keep their status. If any metrics fall below the minimum requirements, you will enter a 30-day grace period. If you are able to improve your metrics during that time, you’ll keep your Top Rated status. However, if you’re not able to improve, your Top Rated status prevents you from being automatically moved to a lower level. Instead, the evaluation team will review your account and determine whether or not you can remain Top Rated.

If the team decides that you should move to a lower level, there is always a path back to the top! If your metrics still qualify after the 6-month waiting period between reviews, you will be evaluated again to reclaim your Top Rated badge.

Expected time frame for the review process

Our meticulous review process ensures that each qualified freelancer receives the attention they deserve. We are committed to giving equal attention to each review and ensuring that the Top Rated badge is awarded to those freelancers with the highest level of quality and service. 

The evaluation team is currently focusing on high-demand categories in need of more Top Rated freelancers—where those freelancers can benefit from more business. 

These categories are listed below, along with estimated time frames for decisions and any additional requirements. This list will be actively updated. 

If your Gigs are not in one of the categories listed below, we are unable to estimate a time frame for your review. However, if your skillset is relevant to one of the categories, this is a great opportunity to open a Gig that offers those skills and be eligible for a prioritized review. 

Please note: Simply adding a Gig to a listed category will not give you access to a prioritized review. You must have at least 20 completed orders of approved Gigs in one of the listed categories to be eligible.


Current high-demand categories

Category name Subcategory name Estimated time frame for decision by evaluation team*
Seller Plus Premium members will have priority in the evaluation queue.
Programming & Tech Software Development 90 days after passing the skill test
Programming & Tech Mobile App Development 90 days
Programming & Tech Game Development 60 days
Programming & Tech AI Development 60 days
Programming & Tech DevOps & Cloud 60 days
Programming & Tech

Website Maintenance

90 days
Data Data Analytics 60 days
Data Data Science & ML 60 days
Data Data Visualization 60 days

Data Engineering

45 days
Graphics & Design


60 days
Graphics & Design Character Modeling 45 days
Graphics & Design Website Design 45 days
Graphics & Design Presentation Design 45 days
Graphics & Design Fashion Design 45 days
Graphics & Design UX Design 45 days
Graphics & Design AI Artists 45 days
Graphics & Design Landscape Design 45 days
Graphics & Design

Children’s Book Illustration

45 days
Graphics & Design

Brand Style Guides

45 days
Graphics & Design

App Design

45 days
Graphics & Design

Graphics for Streamers

45 days
Graphics & Design

Packaging & Label Design

45 days
Graphics & Design

Brochure Design

45 days
Business Financial Consulting 45 days
Business Legal Consulting 45 days
Business AI Consulting 45 days

Business Plans

45 days


60 days
Writing & Translation Technical Writing 45 days
Writing & Translation Grant Writing 45 days
Writing & Translation eLearning Content Development 45 days
Writing & Translation

LinkedIn Profiles

45 days
Writing & Translation

Resume Writing

60 days
Writing & Translation

Book Editing

60 days
Digital Marketing E-Commerce Marketing 45 days
Digital Marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 45 days
Digital Marketing Email Marketing 45 days
Digital Marketing

Web Analytics

45 days
Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

90 days
Lifestyle Life Coaching 60 days
Lifestyle Fitness 60 days
Music & Audio Singers & Vocalists 60 days
Music & Audio

Mixing & Mastering

60 days
Music & Audio Podcast Production 45 days
Music & Audio Audio Editing 45 days
Music & Audio Sound Design 45 days
Music & Audio Music Producers 45 days
Music & Audio Session Musicians 45 days
Music & Audio


45 days
Music & Audio


45 days
Music & Audio

Jingles & Intros

45 days
Music & Audio

Online Music Lessons

45 days
Music & Audio

Audiobook Production

45 days
Video & Animation UGC Videos 45 days
Video & Animation Social Media Videos 45 days
Video & Animation 3D Product Animation 45 days
Video & Animation

Animated Explainers

60 days
Photography Product Photographers 60 days
Photography Lifestyle & Fashion Photographers 60 days
Photography Food Photographers 60 days
Photography Scenic Photographers 60 days
Photography Photo Preset Creation 60 days

*These are estimates and could change depending on the number of freelancers in the queue. 

Note: Some categories require additional prerequisites or mandatory skill tests before freelancers can progress to a review.

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