How Fiverr works

Disclaimer: Fiverr's Terms of Service require that all users be at least 18 years of age and of legal age to form a binding contract. Users under 18 and at least 13 years of age are permitted to use the site only through an account owned by their parent or legal guardian with their appropriate permission. Users under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the site.

Fiverr is a premier online marketplace, offering you a streamlined experience while finding digital services and talented freelancers. On Fiverr, freelancers present their capabilities through detailed "Gigs," providing potential customers with a comprehensive overview of their profiles, skillsets, and service offerings. This concise guide will equip you with the fundamental knowledge to navigate the platform effectively: establishing your gratuitous account and identifying the ideal freelancer for your specific needs.


How to start buying on Fiverr

Opening your Fiverr account

Signing up with Fiverr is free. Once you register, you can both buy and sell on the platform. Registering through Fiverr will create a buyer account by default. To become a freelancer, simply create a Gig. Switching to a freelancer account is simple and won't impact your existing buyer account.

Searching Freelancers and Services on Fiverr: A Guide

There are several ways to discover the perfect freelancer or service on Fiverr. Explore these methods to navigate the platform efficiently and find your perfect match:

Search Bar:

  • Enter keywords in the search bar at the top of the homepage and click "Search"
    • If you haven't logged in, you can still search from the homepage banner
  • Fiverr suggests popular searches to help you refine your query (e.g., searching "logo" might suggest "logo design")

Categories and Subcategories:

  • Use the navigation bar to browse through categories and subcategories related to your project. This helps narrow down your results and find relevant freelancers

Freelancer username:

  • If you know the specific freelancer you're looking for, simply enter their username in the search bar, under “Search usernames for:


  • Once you have your search results, use the filters at the top of the page to refine them further. This allows you to filter by factors like budget, delivery time, freelancer level, and more. See more on search filters below
Search Filters
Note: As you apply filters, you will see them listed above the Marketplace. Click the (X) to remove.
Service options Tailor your Fiverr experience to your liking! Choose your preferred language, explore service options from subscriptions to paid video consultations, and utilize various tools to specify what exactly you want included in your chosen service.
Seller details Connect with the perfect freelancer! Filter by freelancer tiers reflecting experience, availability, and even spoken language based on their location. Find someone who aligns with your needs and, perhaps, your time zone.
Budget Decide your asking price right away. You can set a range based on your specific price point and have the flexibility to adjust it later for specific projects.
Delivery time Whether you need express delivery in 24 hours or a timeline tailored to your project's complexity, find freelancers who guarantee on-time completion.


Fiverr Neo:

  • This new AI-powered feature gets to know your project by having a natural conversation with you. Simply describe your needs in plain language, and Neo will ask clarifying questions to truly understand your requirements. The more specific you are, the better Neo can match you with the ideal freelancer for your project. Learn more about Fiverr Neo here.

Get matched with sellers:

  • Fiverr will strategically find you the highest quality service from the most relevant freelancers, based on your individual and specific needs. You will have an easy-to-complete form where you will be able to add your specific requirements. After you complete these details, our smart algorithm calculates the most suitable category for your requirements. Learn more about Get matched with sellers here.

Get to know your freelancer

  • Explore freelancer profiles with key details like location, languages, and response times
  • The more about me section will also highlight any particular skills, experience bio, certifications
  • Explore the range of packages, from basic to premium, to get a quick overview of what each freelancer offers 
  • See what other customers say. Head to their ratings and reviews to read more
  • Got questions? Check the FAQs or message the freelancer directly

Paying for a service

Once the freelancer delivers and completes the work to your satisfaction, they'll receive the full order earnings.

There's a small service fee added at checkout. This fee applies to every payment within the order, including add-ons like Gig extras and tips, even if you pay separately later. The rate itself is a simple 5.5%. However, there's an additional $3.00 fee for orders under $100. So pay once, tip generously, and leave the rest to Fiverr.

Need a refund? This helpful article will show you what to do after a cancellation and all about the refund process. 

Order process

Place your order in 3 easy steps

  1. Choose your Gig: Click on the service you want.
  2. Select your package: Basic, Standard, or Premium (details included). Alternatively, get a custom offer directly from your freelancer.
  3. Finalize your order: Add extras if needed, confirm your payment method, and click "Confirm & Pay."

Learn more about payments with this article

Completing your order

To accept or review a delivery:

  1. Head to your orders: Find the "Orders" section and click on it.
  2. Open the specific order: Locate the Gig title and click on it to access the order details.
  3. Locate the delivery: You can find the delivery either by going to the "Delivery" tab or scrolling down the order page.
  4. Accept or request revisions. Select the appropriate option: accept the delivery, need changes, or need more time. 
  5. Optional: Rate your experience.

Order terminology

Your order's status updates automatically with each action by you or the freelancer. Stay informed on the order page, where you can track its progress through various stages. Learn about the order statuses here


Reviews and Ratings

By prioritizing authentic and detailed reviews, Fiverr cultivates a culture of accountability and transparency. This system not only safeguards buyers and informs their choices, but also empowers freelancers to showcase their expertise and build long-term customer relationships. Learn more on how the reviews and ratings system works here


Welcome to Fiverr!


How to start selling on Fiverr

Fiverr empowers individuals to transform their talents into thriving businesses by offering freelancers a unique platform to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience of potential customer. This thriving community welcomes individuals with diverse skill sets, ranging from graphic design and programming to content writing, translation to voice-over artistry. To assist aspiring freelancers, the following section outlines valuable tips for launching a successful Fiverr journey.

Want to start selling as a freelancer on Fiverr?

Before you can create and sell services on Fiverr, you’ll be required to create a “seller” account. 

Helpful tips on creating an account:

  • Ensure your profile accurately represents you by completing your freelancer profile and verifying your account
  • Make sure your Gigs are well-written and clearly outline the benefits of your services
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, getting to know your customers and setting expectations to work together to ensure successful growth
  • Learn and get familiar with Fiverr’s level system

Account verification 

To comply with new evolving regulations, recently joined freelancers will need to fill in some essential account information before creating a Fiverr account. This helps ensure a trustworthy platform for everyone, fostering a strong foundation of trust between freelancers and customers. Learn more with our account verification article.  

Creating your seller account 

As your profile is your window to the Fiverr community, professionalism builds trust and attracts customers. Ensure your profile is complete, error-free, and reflects your expertise. Include a professional headshot, clear service descriptions and pay attention to the details on your account. Learn more about creating a freelancer profile with this article


Creating a Gig

On our marketplace, your offered service—known as a 'Gig'—showcases your talent and provides potential buyers with all the information they need to place an order. Learn all about the Gig creation process with this article.


Customer expectations

Cultivating customer loyalty goes beyond first impressions. Delivering consistently high-quality service and patiently supporting all buyers, regardless of their experience, fosters trust and repeat business. Guiding new customers through Fiverr's nuances strengthens their understanding and empowers them to become valuable long-term partners. Learn more with setting expectations and delivery quality services with this article and with our answering potential customers article.


Managing orders 

Each order, whether a buyer's first or the continuation of a trusted partnership, presents a golden opportunity. A little proactivity on your part, can help smooth out the process. Remember, this doesn't just benefit your customer; it lays the foundation for long-term success, fostering loyalty, positive reviews, and potentially even larger, repeat orders down the line. Learn more on how to manage orders with this article.

After completing an order, freelancers receive 80% of the buyer's cleared payment in their account, with a holding period of 14 days (or a shorter holding period for Top Rated, Fiverr Pro, or other eligible programs) for processing and guarantee. Learn more with the withdraw your earnings article.


Level system

Freelancers can reach different levels by meeting specific performance criteria linked to their work on the platform and their relationships with customers. Each level unlocks new benefits and opportunities. Level badges can be seen on Gig cards, Gig pages, and freelancer profiles.

Learn more with Fiverr's level system.


Happy Freelancing! 

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