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Fiverr is introducing a new profession-based experience that allows freelancers to showcase their unique skills and expertise more effectively, to meet the growing demand from clients who are looking to find freelancers with specific skills.

By creating this tailored experience, Fiverr aims to bridge the gap between clients' needs and freelancers' offerings, ensuring a more precise and efficient matchmaking process.

In addition to searching for existing Gigs, clients can choose to search for freelancers with professions matching their needs. Results will display profession listings that lead to a new profession tab on the freelancer profile, providing more details about the freelancer’s skills, expertise, services, and the value they can deliver.

With professions, freelancers can easily offer more services than before, and clients will be directed to contact freelancers for a quote (Related Gigs will still be available to order).


How it works

Eligible freelancers can add up to 3 professions (agencies do not have a limit), highlighting their full range of expertise and the types of services they offer.

Eligible freelancers will be suggested relevant professions, or can create their own.

One or more suggested professions will appear as drafts on the new ‘Professions’ page, located under the ‘My Business’ tab. These suggestions are based on the services you offer and your order activity.

To add another profession, click on ‘Add new profession’.

Important: Our Community Standards promote a fair and respectful marketplace. For guidance on aligning your profession profile with Fiverr’s policies, check out this article.


Step 1: Add profession

We recommend adding the suggested professions and filling in any missing details. 

If you choose to add a different profession, you’ll see a list of options based on your existing services and order history.

Note: If you don't see options you'd like to add for types of services or related skills and expertise, you can add your own as a 'suggestion'. If it's approved, it will be added to your profile for this profession.

Next, you’ll add the types of services* you’re willing to offer in this profession, and your related skills and expertise

Based on your selections, you’ll be able to choose additional titles that are more specialized for your profession. These variations on your profession may appear in search results if clients search for these specific terms. Make sure to only add titles that accurately reflect your expertise.

For example, if your profession is "software developer" and you add “python” as a related skill, you’ll see “python developer” as an option for another title. If selected, and a client searches for “python”, your listing may show “python developer” to match the client’s need.


*Clients will be directed to contact you for a quote if they have a project in mind related to these services.

Step 2: Provide details

Next, you’ll add a detailed description, and enter when you started working with clients in this profession. 

The description is where you can clearly communicate what you offer, why you're the best choice for potential clients, and how your services can solve their needs. 

For more information on writing a description that draws in potential clients, read Best practices for crafting your Fiverr profession.

Step 3: Add FAQs

Offering a clear FAQ section can help build trust by answering potential questions upfront, leading to a more confident buying experience.

This section is optional, but recommended.

Learn more about creating an effective FAQ section in Best practices for crafting your Fiverr profession.


Step 4: Tasks to complete & submit

Portfolio projects

Before you can submit your profession, you’ll need to link at least 2 related portfolio projects to showcase your capabilities. If you don’t have existing projects related to your profession, you can create new ones. 

Learn tips for showcasing your portfolio projects in Best practices for crafting your Fiverr profession.


If you haven’t completed the following, you’ll be prompted to do so:

  • Verify your identity
    • Freelancers are required to complete the ID verification process to submit their profession.
    • If you haven’t completed the verification process, your profession will be in draft mode until it is successfully completed.
    • Freelancer accounts that fail verification are subject to restrictions.
  • Add a photo of yourself
    • If your current profile image shows something other than your face, you’ll be prompted to upload a new one. 
    • A clear photo of yourself is required for optimal visibility and to establish trust with clients.
      Note: This is the image shown on your freelancer profile and is not related to ID verification.
  • Add an intro video (Optional)
    • Intro videos are a great way to stand out and connect with potential clients.

Once you’ve added at least 2 portfolio projects and completed any remaining tasks, you’ll be able to submit your profession for approval.

Approved professions will be published in July as a new tab in your freelancer profile.

You’ll see the information you’ve added, along with existing Gigs,
order history, reviews, and clients related to your profession.

Step 5 (Success).png

What clients will see

Listings for professions are similar to listings for individual Gigs. Clients will see a brief overview of what you offer by showing the following:

  • Profession
  • Snippet from description
  • Profile image
  • Display name
  • Freelancer level
  • Location
  • Languages you speak
  • Skills and expertise you selected for your profession
  • Either image(s) from portfolio projects that you added to your profession or your intro video (depending on your profession)
  • Number of orders you’ve completed related to your profession and average rating
  • Baseline price for services (To ensure a fair marketplace, the price shown for “Services from” is based on your orders from the past year and will adjust dynamically with your activity, setting a baseline for quotes.)

Role card.png

Once a client clicks on your listing, they’ll go to the profession tab in your freelancer profile and see more details, including:

  • Years of experience in this profession 
  • Typical order price 
  • Featured clients
  • Types of services you offer with instructions to contact you for a quote in any of these areas
  • Gigs related to your profession
  • Portfolio projects added for this profession
  • Work experience
  • FAQs added for this profession
  • Reviews for orders related to this profession

Profession troubleshooting tips

  • Professions you’re not currently eligible for (based on your existing Gigs) won’t be displayed in the dropdown menu.
  • A profession in any status will prevent that profession from being shown in the professions' drop-down menu.
  • We have created some draft professions for you. If the profession you are looking for is not showing up in the drop-down, please check the draft professions tab.
    • You can edit or delete the draft profession to make it available for selection in the drop-down menu.
  • To see your most recent profile updates, refresh your page after making changes, such as adding a profile picture or a second portfolio project.
  • If you are linking a second portfolio project, go to your list of portfolio projects, find the project you would like to add, and click “edit” at the top right of the project image.

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