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Fiverr offers thousands of services trying to find the perfect one for what you need can seem difficult at first. However, Fiverr's search engine can help narrow down your search to find the exact service you need.

Searching for a service

How it works

  1. At the top of the homepage, enter the service you're looking for in the search bar and click Search.
    Even if you are just visiting Fiverr (not logged in), you can enter the service in the homepage banner and click Search.

  2. When you start typing into the search bar, autocomplete suggests the most common search terms and/or the categories where you can find them.
    For example: If you enter "logo," it will suggest "logo design."

  3. Once directed to your results page, you will see a few filters at the top of the page.
    Filters vary depending on the Gig category or subcategory.
    Example: Graphics & Design has "Style," "File Format," and "Service Includes" to help narrow down service requirements to ensure better results.
    You can also set your preferred budget, delivery time, and any specific freelancer details to narrow down your search.

  4. Get inspired and find the perfect freelancer for the service you need!

Search filters

Note: As you apply filters, you will see them listed above the Marketplace. Click the (X) to remove.
Delivery time Filter freelancers based on your preferred delivery time.
Budget Filter your search between two suitable price points.
Online status See if a freelancer is logged into Fiverr's website/mobile application in real-time. 
Seller level Ranging from a new freelancer to a Top Rated.
Note: Not all seller badges will physically appear on Gig listings while searching.
Language Fiverr freelancers are located all over the world and freelancers can indicate which languages they speak. Write to freelancers in the language of your choice.
Location Filter to find a freelancer that suits your time zone. 

Still can't find what you need? 

Use our matching feature to post a brief with your project/service requirements and budget.

Once you've sent your brief, you can expect to receive custom offers directly from freelancers, in your Inbox—you can then review and choose the best offer for you.
Learn more with Get matched with sellers.

You can also learn more about what to outsource to freelancers with Seven tasks you should outsource to freelancers right away, or check out our blog to get started.

I found a seller I like, how do I get a quote?

The Get a quote request feature enables you to contact freelancers in regard to the details of your order, including your desired delivery time.
This provides valuable information for the freelancer which will help allow the freelancer to provide a quote customized to you. The freelancer will send a custom offer directly to your inbox. 

Note: Get a quote requests are only available in certain categories, and are only optional for freelancers to apply—meaning that the option may not appear on a freelancer's profile. 
We recommend communicating with the freelancer before the purchase, to ensure that all questions, requirements, and concerns are addressed prior to any transaction taking place. 

How to use the Get a Quote feature

  1. Find your Gig of choice by browsing through the thumbnails on the homepage, category, or subcategory pages. It is also possible to go directly to a freelancer's profile page if you know their username.

  2. Once logged in, from the marketplace on the homepage or category/subcategory pages, click the freelancer's Gig you would like to order.

  3. Click Get a quote on either the freelancer's profile or Gig page.

  4. Describe the specific service you are looking for and attach any relevant files (up to 1GB). This will help the freelancer cater to your specific request.

  5. Select the specific criteria for your order. For example, you can select gender, language, age range, purpose, accent, and so on. This is optional and varies based on the type of service you require.

  6. Select the service delivery time expected upon order placement.

  7. Enter your budget for the service requested (optional).

  8. Click Submit request.
    The freelancer will receive your request and reply with a quote (custom offer). You may decline or continue to purchase.

Not finding the service you’re looking for?

Our Customer Success team is here to help. Contact us at 

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