Promoted Gigs

With Promoted Gigs, you can push your Gig to prime locations in Fiverr’s search results, category pages, and other Fiverr pages. Gain enhanced visibility and get more orders using promoted Gigs with Fiverr.

Our smart technology not only optimizes your budget but makes sure that your ads reach more of the right kinds of customers, and are placed where they perform best.

Which Gigs can be promoted?

To ensure a quality ad experience for buyers, only sellers who meet our performance metrics can participate in this program. 

You are evaluated for promoted Gig participation eligibility according to Fiverr's freelancer level system.

You must be Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated, or Pro. 


All services are eligible, excluding: 

  • The Legal Consulting service category entirely
  • Tax Consulting services from the Financial Consulting service category
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping services from the Financial Consulting service category
  • The Legal Writing service category entirely


How to set up promoted Gigs

Note: Only eligible Gigs will have the option to be promoted.


  1. In the header, click Growth & Marketing > Promoted Gigs > choose the Gigs you would like to promote.
  2. Pick your daily spend limit.
    Note: You can change your limits at any time.
  3. Fiverr will do the rest!

 Where will buyers see my ads? 

When advertising through promoted Gigs, your ads can be shown on the top of Fiverr’s search results and category pages, other Fiverr pages—on both and the Fiverr mobile apps, and in buyers' inboxes. 

In order to increase your chances to convert your ad to an order, Fiverr will only show your ads to the most relevant buyers and will optimize the bid that will deliver the best performance for your campaign.




Inbox Ads

Inbox ads are advertisements that will be shown directly in a buyer's Inbox.
This is an expansion of the existing promoted Gigs program.

The focus of Inbox Ads is to show your promoted Gigs to relevant buyers directly in their inboxes.
Note: Buyers can hide specific Inbox Ads they don’t find relevant and/or no longer wish to see.


How it works for buyers

  1. Targeted buyers will see the Ad as a “contact card” within their conversation list.
    Your Contact Card will have an“AD” badge next to your name.
    When a buyer clicks on it, it will open a conversation widget (as shown below). There, buyers can see your Gig that won the placement through the auction mechanism.

  2. After they click on your contact card, buyers will be able to “interact” with your Ad.
    They’ll be able to view and explore your Gig card, check out your Gig/profile, and send a message to you, the seller.




Type of interaction




External interactions are when a buyer clicks the contact card to open/view the Inbox Ad, but doesn’t click anything within the Inbox Ad itself Inbox_Ad_-_External_clicks.png


Internal interactions include any click/interaction within the Inbox Ad itself:

  • Your Gig card
  • Your Gig/profile
  • The first message sent



How it works for sellers

  1. You will be charged only for internal interactions that occur after buyers click your contact card and open your ad.
    Note: If a buyer clicks your contact card to open the Inbox Ad (external interactions), but doesn’t click anything within the Ad itself, you won’t be charged.

  2. Once a buyer sends you a message, you’ll receive a notification similar to a new Inbox conversation message.
    Note: You’ll see the Promoted badge at the top of the message.

To join Promoted Gigs, click here.

Learn more with Inbox Ads tips & FAQs.

How am I charged for promoted Gigs?

  1. With promoted Gigs, you only pay when buyers click on your ads, and not when your ad gets visibility.
  2. The amount you pay depends on how many buyers click on your ads, and how valuable your ad placement is.
  3. Your Cost Per Click (also known as CPC) can vary for each Gig, and for each time it's displayed to buyers.
    • Your dashboard counts the clicks and calculates the average click cost
    • By multiplying these two variables, you can understand the amount "spent”

Once you are charged, a few things happen:

1. You will see a record of it on the Earnings page.
This can be seen under "Deduction for Promoted Gigs".

2. A receipt is sent to your inbox.
This includes a breakdown of how the payment was collected—whether it was via credits, your Fiverr balance, Credit Card, or PayPal.

In the event that your Fiverr balance funds are not sufficient, the remaining balance will be charged from a saved payment card or PayPal account. Payment methods can be saved when making a purchase on Fiverr. To learn more about saved payment methods, go here.
If these are not available, the remaining charge is automatically deducted from your future earnings.

3. An invoice will be sent to you.

Note: You'll receive an invoice only if you have set this option (under your Billing history section).

4. Your monthly ad costs will be deducted from your Fiverr balance.
Deductions occur once a month.
Learn more about ad costs with Fiverr's Terms of Service.

Note: While you'll still be charged on a monthly basis, remember that from a daily perspective, you will never exceed your daily spend limit.


For any unanswered questions you may have on Promoted Gigs, learn more about them in our in-depth webinar about Promoted Gigs here

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