Order Completion Rate and Cancellations FAQs

1. How do I cancel an incoming order?
Use the Resolution Center to work things out with your buyer before contacting Customer Support.

2. What do I do if my buyer wants to cancel the order?
We take our sellers’ revenue very seriously. Buyers need to provide a satisfactory explanation, and proof, before canceling an order. However, we can’t force a buyer to accept an order delivery if they aren't satisfied.
You can continue to communicate with the buyer to see if you are able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We also suggest you create a list detailing the work you have done, that compares both your Gig description and the buyer’s order requirements.

3. What can I do if my buyer is not responding?
Use the order's page to request an extension with the Extend delivery date button.

The buyer will have up to 2 days to accept or decline. If the buyer does not respond, the extension is automatically accepted, and the delivery date will be modified.

4. Can buyers see my Order completion rate?
No, only you can view your Order completion rate. 

5. Can I avoid a cancellation’s effect on my Order completion rate (OCR)?

While cancellations typically affect your Order completion rate, cancellations won’t affect under these circumstances:
  1. The buyer canceled while the order was in requirement status.
  2. There was a mutual cancellation, and the buyer reordered within 14 days.

In addition, for other rare cases (i.e. fraudulent purchases, buyers ordering by mistake, etc.), cancellations won’t affect your Order completion rate. If your order is canceled under these circumstances, reach out to Customer Support to investigate the effect of the cancellation on your account.

Note: In the new seller level system, the Order completion rate metric is no longer a stand alone metric and a broader range of factors related to cancellations are assessed. This means that cancellations can still impact your performance, but they're just one factor in your overall success score. For more information, please refer back to our Success Score article.

6. What do I do when I've completed a Gig, but my buyer needs more revisions/ time to accept?
You can offer additional revisions and also extend the delivery time frame via the Resolution Center.

7. What do I do when I have multiple Gigs due at the same time?
Use the Resolution Center to mutually extend an order with your buyer. If you need extra help managing orders:

  • Activate Setting your Availability
    Adjust your available hours for the rest of the day, to avoid receiving more orders.
  • Start Simple
    Deliver the easiest orders right away.
  • Get it Done
    For a larger request, start working on it earlier than you usually would. Remember, you can make any final tweaks during the revisions stage.

8. I had to cancel an order and would like to prevent the buyer from ordering from me again. How do I block a buyer?

For detailed information on reporting content or behavior, please refer to this article

Please note:
You can’t block a buyer who has an active order with you. Learn more with Blocking certain buyers.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned seller or use the resources available to help you avoid cancellations, our Forum is a great place to get support from the community. Get answers to all your questions and learn our best tips and tricks.

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