Creating your seller profile

Your profile is how you present yourself to the community, and we encourage you to highlight your expertise and present yourself professionally.

If you're selling for the first time, go to Start Selling.

Create and complete your seller profile

As soon as you've completed the onboarding, you can create your seller profile.

Note: You'll need to complete a minimum of 65% for your seller account to be published.
One linked account is required, and the phone verification process must be completed at the end.

Steps 1 & 2: Personal and professional info

Step 1: Personal info

Step 2: Professional info

1. Fill in your full name.
Note: This information will remain private.

1. Under Occupation, select your expertise and checkbox your relevant skills.
Note: Up to 2 fields, and up to 5 skills.

2. In the Profile picture section, add an image of yourself.

  • Your profile picture must be an original image of you, or your company logo/image that represents the service that you provide
  • Your profile picture must not be an image of someone else, a celebrity, or a misrepresentation of your service
  • GIFs are not acceptable profile images

Make sure you own the picture you upload.

2. Under Skills, add your skills to let buyers know your expertise.

  • You can add up to 15 skills
  • You have the option to suggest skills that are not listed
    • Suggestions will appear as "pending" on your profile until approved

These may be skills gained through previous jobs, hobbies, or everyday life.

3. In the Description section, write a description to help introduce yourself to the Fiverr community.

Note: Highlight your expertise, projects you're proud of, or anything else that you'd like to share on your public Profile.

3. Under Education, select when and where you attended college.

  • You also have the option to suggest your diploma if it's not listed
  • Suggestions will appear as "pending" on your Profile until approved

    Note: Suggestions are periodically reviewed, and will not be automatically added.

4. In the Languages section, select the languages you speak and your level of fluency.

4. Under Certifications, list your awards, certifications, and honors.
This section can help you stand out from other sellers.

  • You also have the option to suggest certifications
5. Click Continue.

5. Under Personal website enter your website's URL > Continue.
Here, you can share your portfolio or other works.

Step 3: Account security

1. In the Email field, click Verify now and follow the prompts, if you haven't verified your account yet.

2. In the Phone number field, click Verify now and continue the process.
Learn more details on this process with Verifying your account using your phone.

3. Click Continue & Create Your First Gig when you're done.

Step 4: Account verification

To comply with new evolving regulations, recently joined freelancers are required to fill in some essential account information before creating a Fiverr account. This helps ensure a trustworthy platform for everyone, fostering a strong foundation of trust between freelancers and customers

Learn more about account verification here

Seller Intro Video

Eligible sellers will be prompted to create a video.

Disclaimer: This feature is currently in beta testing, and is only available to some sellers.

To add or edit your Intro Video:

Technical requirements for Intro videos:

  1. Go to your profile picture and select Profile.
  2. Scroll down to Intro video, located on the left-hand panel.
  3. Hover over the section and click on the pencil icon.
  4. Once you've uploaded your video, click Submit.

Length: 20-60 seconds
File size: Up to 5 GB

Minimum resolution: 1280x720
Aspect ratio: 16:9


How to share your profile or Gig

Once your seller profile is published, you have the ability to share it.
Note: This includes your Gigs, customer reviews, and details.

To share your Profile: To share your Gig:
1. Make sure that you're on your seller account and click Growth and Marketing > Scale Your Business. 1. Go to My Business> Gigs.
2. In the SHARE YOUR PROFILE section, copy the URL or click the social icons. 2. In the drop-down box next to your Gig, select SHARE and then select one of the social icons.
Learn more with Email Copy & Marketing Webinar.

Check out our seller resource tools in the Help Center for some additional guidance and information to further your freelance career.

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