How we enforce policies

Our Community Standards and Terms of Service outline what is and isn't allowed on Fiverr. These policies were created to ensure a safe, respectful, and trustworthy environment for everyone. 

While we actively monitor the platform by automated and human review, or with a combination of technology and human moderation, depending on the individual case, we strongly encourage our community to use our reporting tools if they encounter content or behavior that violates our policies. Accounts are notified with the reason for the removal along with information on the appeal process.

What happens if a user violates Fiverr policies?

Depending on the severity or repetition of the violation of our policies, the actions taken may vary from removal of content, a warning, account restriction, to permanent account suspension.


Account warnings

A user may receive a warning for breaching Fiverr’s policies, or any reported misconduct. The warning will be sent to the email address linked to the account. Warnings educate users about our policies in an effort to reduce potential future violations. They expire after 90 days.

  • Warnings do not limit account activity, but they can affect a freelancer’s status in the level system. Read more about your level with Fiverr's new level system. 
  • Having more than one warning might lead to account permanent suspension.
What happens when an account receives a warning?

First warning  (for up to two different violations) 

  • Account owner will be informed of the specific violation and reminded of Fiverr’s policies. 

A second warning for the same violation or three warnings for different violations 

  • The violating account will be suspended.


Account Restriction

An account may be restricted as an intermediate action before permanent suspension.

What happens when an account is restricted?

  • Account owners will receive a notification detailing the specific violation and the restriction of their account.
  • During the next 60 days, the user will still be able to communicate with existing buyers via the active order page and access any available or pending clearance funds for withdrawal.
  • After the 60-day period, the account will be permanently suspended.

Account suspension

An account may be permanently suspended for one of the following reasons:

  • Two warnings for the same violation.
  • Three warnings for three different violations.
  • A severe breach of Fiverr policies (illegal activity, hate speech, discrimination, adult or other inappropriate services or activity, etc.)
What happens when an account is suspended?
  • Accounts are suspended when there has been a severe breach of Fiverr policies, misuse of our reporting tools mechanism, or when an account receives multiple warnings (two warnings for the same violation or three warnings for different violations). 
  • Account owners are not able to log into suspended accounts.


  • If there are funds available in the account, the freelancer is required to wait 90 days to make a withdrawal. 
  • If there are open orders, the freelancer will be given limited access to be able to complete those orders. 


  • If the account has a Fiverr Balance with available funds, there will be an immediate refund.

What if I don’t agree with a decision?

Whether you submitted a report or you are the account holder, you have the right to appeal a decision. Appeals can be made in the form of a complaint with Customer Support, and must be made within 6 months from the receipt of the notification.  

If your appeal is successful:
For account holders:

  • Removed content will be restored and any relevant warning will be removed from your account. A suspended account will be reinstated.
  • For those who submitted a report: Any change to the initial decision will be communicated to you and the account holder.

For those who submitted a report:

  • Any change to the initial decision will be communicated to you and the account holder.

If your appeal is not successful:
The original decision will be final and cannot be appealed again on Fiverr.

Our commitment to the Fiverr community

When evaluating potentially harmful content or activity, we are committed to consistency and transparency. To that end, we will continue to update the Fiverr community with any changes to our processes for enforcing our policies.

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