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We’ve given the Seller’s Earnings Page a complete makeover. It’s easier to navigate, more organized, and gives you more info about your account activity. Even though the page is a lot more intuitive now, let’s review some of the changes you can look forward to.

Main stats overview

You can easily view all of your main stats for your past, present, and future earnings and expenses.




Available funds

Available balance can be used for purchases or withdrawn using a service provider.

Withdraw Balance

The Withdraw Balance button will take you to the Withdraw Balance page, where you can select to get paid via your preferred method.



Learn more about withdrawals with Withdraw your Earnings and Payout Methods.

Current Overdraft

If your balance is overdrawn you will see a Current overdraft section under the Available Funds widget. 

This displays your current overdraft total, which will be covered by your future earnings.
You will see this when the order is either canceled after you withdrew its funds or if you paid for services—such as Promoted Gigs or Seller Plus program—with future earnings.




Sellers now have the option to pay their overdraft amount. While paying the full amount in one single payment is not mandatory, this option is available for sellers who wish to fully settle their overdraft by clicking the “Pay overdraft balance” button.

Future payments

This section includes Payments being cleared and Payments for active orders.

  • Payments being cleared
    Payments that will move into your Available funds after they are cleared. 

  • Payments for active orders
    Payments will move into a clearing period once orders are completed.

Earnings and expenses

Here you can see your past earnings and expenses, and filter them by year, month, or since joining Fiverr.

Net Income used to include all payments from completed orders—cleared and clearing. Now, Earnings only include your cleared payments and any compensation handled by customer support.

  • You’ll see the amount before taxes in this section
  • If you paid taxes on your earnings, you can view the total taxes paid through the tooltip

All purchases are paid with your earnings or future earnings.

Activities table

This table displays helpful information on all of your account activities and gives you access to easily review your past activity—including order information and a useful description of the activity. You have the option to filter activities in the table by Date range and/or Activity type.



Please note: When you arrange the table by date, it will display your local date in your timezone. However, if you filter your data or request a report, the dates will reflect the system timezone (UTC).

Main activity types

Here is a cheat sheet for the most common Activity types and icons used to filter the Activity Table:

Icon Term Explanation
Clearing.png Clearing Payments for completed orders that are still in a clearing period.
Earning.png Earning Payments earned from orders, order extras, or tips.
Earning_reversed.png Earning reversed

Earnings that have been canceled.

Note: If an order is canceled due to a payment provider dispute on the buyer's end, and the order complies with the criteria for our Seller Protection Program, you will receive your earnings in return within a clearance period.

Learn more about Chargebacks and seller protection and Fiverr's Terms of Service.

Compensation.png Compensation Earnings compensations that are granted to you by Customer Support.
Expense.png Expense

Earnings spent on purchasing Gigs or services (i.e., Promoted Gigs, Seller Plus program, etc.).

Expense_cancellation.png Expense cancellation Funds that were returned to your earnings upon purchase cancellation.
Withdrawal.png Withdrawal Funds are withdrawn from your Fiverr Balance to a service provider.


Aside from viewing your data, you can also download or email yourself reports and statements. These actions can be found above the Activities Table, in the top-right corner:

Email activity report
Get a CSV report, which includes data based on the date range and activity filters selected.

  • Future earnings won’t appear in the report

Download the statement of earning

Get a PDF statement of your earnings for a full 12-month period. 
To access your statement of earnings:

  1. Click the ellipses icon (...) located above the Activities Table, in the top-right corner, next to the Email activity report button.

  2. Select the time frame you’d like, and make sure your billing info is correct.

  3. Click Download Statement.



Financial services

Early Payout

The Early Payout feature aims to help sellers improve their cash flow. If you’re eligible, you’ll see an Early Payout column in the Activities Table.

Eligible sellers have the option to skip over the safety clearing period and “get paid” without waiting. In order to access these earnings, you will be charged a 1% fee.
Learn more with Early Payout.



Cash Advance 

If you’re eligible for this feature, you will see the Cash Advance as its own new tab on the Earnings page, next to the Overview tab.

Eligible sellers have the option to receive an on-the-spot cash advance to grow their business or better handle their cash flow.




For your convenience, the cash advance is immediately deposited into your Fiverr Balance and available for withdrawal on the spot.

The cash advance will be paid back from your future earnings. For every earning you get as a Fiverr seller, 40% goes to paying it back, until the cash advance is paid in full.



Cash advance

The total amount added to your available balance to use or withdraw.

Amount to pay
The total amount you’ll pay for the cash advance.

Paid to date
The total amount you’ve paid so far for your cash advance.

Amount left to pay
The total amount you still have left to pay back for your cash advance.

Learn more with Cash Advance.

New Financial Documents tab

To make it easier for you to manage your documents, such as earnings statements and tax-related documents that need to be updated, we have added a new tab that provides a simpler view of this information.

You can find the Financial Documents tab under the Earnings page. 

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 10.15.31 AM.png

Find your old stats on the new Earnings page

As a veteran seller, you probably know the old Earning page well. Here are some helpful tips on how to become a pro with the new stats page:

  • Expected earnings is now “Payments for active orders”
  • Net income used to display both your Payments being cleared and your Earnings together, but didn't include compensations handled by Customer Support
    • They are now each displayed separately—which is why your Earnings might seem lower than before
  • Withdrawn is now Withdrawn to date
  • Used for Purchases is now Expenses to date
  • Pending clearance is now Payments being cleared
  • Available for withdrawal is now Balance available for use

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