Managing orders

As a seller, you can manage your orders based on different tabs on your Manage orders page.
Learn more about the different types of order statuses with What does my order status mean?.

Manage your Orders

  1. Log in > Selling menu > My BusinessOrders
  2. This will open the Manage orders page with an overview of all your orders, from active orders to past orders.


  3. Click on an order within the list to view the order details.

Manage order tabs

Note: The red clock showing the time when the delivery should be made is a helpful tool for sellers to track the time spent on an order. This is not an indicator of the status of the order. 


Tab Explanation


All the orders that require additional actions from you (e.g. rejected orders, late orders, etc.).
New All the orders that are new orders you've received from buyers.

All the orders that you're currently working on, and are In progress.

If an order was placed, but the information required from the buyer wasn't submitted, then you will see that your order is Awaiting requirements.


All the orders that have yet to be delivered.
An order is considered to be Late if it has not been delivered for 24 hours after the delivery date. 


All the orders that have been cancelled.

Starred These are the orders that you've chosen to highlight as important. 


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