Inbox Ads tips & FAQs

Here are some tips to help leverage your Inbox Ad’s capability, and answers for some of the top FAQs for this part of the Promoted Gigs program.

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Inbox Ad tips

1. Win over the buyer and convert the lead
We recommend that you respond fast, create a connection with the buyer, and show interest in their needs.
Remember to provide great service, ask for additional details, and send a Custom Offer to seal the deal.

2. Have an eye-catching profile image
Since this is one of the main elements shown to buyers in their Inbox, make sure that your profile picture stands out when they see your Inbox Ad.

  • Profile Images should be high-quality and look professional
  • Try to include a good shot of your face, to show buyers that they’re working with a real individual person

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3. Keep your Gig image & title in mind
Make sure your Gig image looks good, and has a short and concise Gig title.
This can help make a great first impression, and increase the potential of the buyer starting a conversation and placing an order.

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1. Which buyers will see the ads?
Your ads will be shown to buyers that we think might be interested in your services.

2. Will buyers get notified that they have a new Inbox Ad/message?
No, there won’t be any additional “push notification” or new/unread message indications specifically for Inbox Ads.
However, they will get notified once you’ve responded to a conversation they started via the Inbox Ad—similar to a regular message.

3. Can buyers report the Inbox Ad (for example, as spam)?
No, buyers that find the Inbox Ad irrelevant and/or no longer wish to see it, have the ability to hide a specific Ad.
Hiding Inbox Ads won’t affect your organic rating.

4. Can buyers hide ads?
Yes, buyers can hide a specific Inbox Ad they don’t find relevant and/or no longer wish to see. The specific Ad will be hidden, however, the Ad might still be displayed in the future.

5. How am I being charged for Inbox Ads?
With the Promoted Gigs program, you only pay when buyers click on your Ads, and not when your Ad gets visibility.

a. When it comes to the buyers’ Inboxes, you will not be charged for clicks on the contact card (located on the left, where all conversations are listed).
However, you will be charged for valuable interactions: clicks on the Gig card, your name, or the first message that was sent to you through the ad.

b. The auctioning system—including the Ad ranking, the Match Score, and the Bid amount—is the same as in the search results.

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6. Can I choose to promote my Gigs via Inbox Ads?
Inbox Ads are an expansion of the existing Promoted Gigs program, and there is no need to set up anything special in order to participate in ad auctions for buyers’ Inboxes.

In addition, there is no option to opt out of the Inbox Ads expansion—just keep promoting your Gigs as usual, and take advantage of the additional potential exposure provided.

7. Will hidden ads affect my organic rating?
Not at all, hiding Inbox Ads won’t affect your organic rating.

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