Milestone FAQs

1. When will I get paid?
Once each milestone is completed, you’ll get paid. In the past, sellers were paid only once an entire order was marked as completed. This is no longer the case, and you’ll be reimbursed per milestone in each order.

2. When should milestones be used?
We recommend using milestones for bigger projects that allow for more flexibility in the smaller steps. milestones offer your buyers reduced risk in the shape of “motivators.” These are per-task payments that also give you the incentive to keep up the good work.

3. What are some examples of milestone projects?
Break down orders into manageable, deliverable milestones to provide value to the buyer, and give them an idea of how it is to work with you.

Example 1: Logo design

Example 2: Whiteboard & Explainers video

4. How and when are my buyers charged?
Buyers will be charged for the first milestone when they place an order. Once a milestone is approved by the buyer, and the buyer initiates the next milestone, the associated payment will be made.

5. How long do buyers have to either request a revision or accept a milestone before continuing to the next one?
Buyers will have 8 days from the delivery of each milestone to request a revision or accept a milestone and continue to the next one. If they don’t, the order will stop, and be marked as completed.

6. Can a buyer stop a milestone order?
Buyers can choose to stop a milestone order after each milestone is accepted; it doesn’t cancel the previous delivery. It does stop the order from continuing to the next milestone. Once a buyer stops an order, they won’t be able to resume it. You’ll be paid for the completed milestones after the order is marked as completed.

7. Can a milestone order be canceled?
Yes, a milestone within an order, or the whole order, can be canceled through the Resolution Center or through Customer Support, for valid reasons.

Please Note: Even if a milestone order has been canceled but at least one milestone was completed in the order, the order will still be considered as completed.

8. How do revisions work within milestone orders?
Revisions are defined per milestone and can be used in each step of the order. 

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