Utilize Shutterstock with Gigs as a buyer

Fully-licensed media is a must when it comes to business, and integrating Shutterstock media assets (creative content and media files) into your Gig orders will free your mind of any worries regarding professional, high-quality work and the legal rights to use them.

Rest assured that with the integration of Shutterstock’s assets, Fiverr can be your go-to destination for any digital creative need. Since buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work—unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page—this is a great opportunity to use media files that you personally pick from our catalog of stock assets.


What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a leading global platform that provides access to an entire library of high-quality and licensed media files—audio, image, and/or video content—for you to use.
All Shutterstock assets come from content creators that submit and contribute their work to Shutterstock itself, along with specific licensing rights for you to use without any hesitations.

Learn more about the different types of licenses with Shutterstock Licensed Media Terms and Conditions.

With the integration between Fiverr and Shutterstock, you can pick any asset (creative content and media files) in our library straight from the Fiverr platform. Not only that, but you can test out stock assets for free so that you can approve them before you sign off and purchase.


Benefits of Fiverr-Shutterstock Integration

The integration between Fiverr and Shutterstock is a form of collaborating with other creative professionals, such as yourself. Implementing the use of the new stock catalog gives you easy access to top-quality media files, and is here to help make your vision come to life, in a convenient and simplified way.

Since the use of stock assets is more cost-effective and a total time-saver, this opportunity allows you to focus on the other creative aspects of your project, and take things to a new level—especially since you’re guaranteed to have varied types of license usage and high-quality media content to work with that is right there and ready to go.  
Learn more with Shutterstock Licensed Media Terms and Conditions.

Here’s how you can benefit from a seller who utilizes our library of Shutterstock content:

  • Include high-quality and licensed media in your projects
    Our incredible catalog of licensable content includes audio, image, and video files. You can also view all of the licensing information on the spot.

  • Try before you buy
    Ask your seller to add a free watermarked asset into your project as a demo, before you finalize the purchase and delivery.

  • Pick exactly what you want
    Stay in the loop and access all watermarked files downloaded by the seller from the Order page. You can also add on more assets anytime until the order is approved/completed.


How it works

This integration program allows you to work with a seller that will include high-quality content with full licensed use in your project.
As soon as you receive the completed delivery from the seller, you will also receive the license details for all the Shutterstock media purchased for that project.

Please note: Standard licensed media assets are currently available for purchase, and Enhanced licensed media assets will be available in the future. Please note that your Shutterstock media asset usage is subject to Shutterstock Licensed Media Terms and Conditions.


Helpful tips 

  • Sellers review process with buyers
    If a seller wants to get your opinion on specific media assets before purchase, they can send watermarked media as attachments for review—this includes audio and music files, images, and/or video content.

  • On order completion
    As soon as your seller purchases the licensed version of the “try-before-you-buy” media (watermarked), you’ll receive a notification message that the transaction has been processed. The message also confirms that you have the Standard/Enhanced* licenses for those media files.

  • Cancellations
    The cancellation procedure for media assets works the same way as canceling a Gig order. Learn more by Using the Resolution Center.

Please note: Standard licensed media assets are currently available for purchase, and Enhanced licensed media assets will be available in the future. Learn more with Shutterstock Licensed Media Terms and Conditions.

Payment, refunds, and cancellations


Sellers are the ones who download the files from our Shutterstock library, however, buyers are the only ones who can purchase licensed assets.

There are two different ways to purchase licensed media for your Gig Orders:

  1. Gig Package
    Shutterstock-licensed media will be visible on a seller’s Gig package/s if they offer it.

    Please note:
    The agreed-upon price before delivery will stay the same, even if you don’t purchase the maximum amount of assets mentioned in the seller’s Gig.

  2. Gig Extra/Custom Offer
    Sellers can either add licensed media to your Gig Order as an Extra or create a Custom Offer for you.

    Please note
    : You can purchase up to 300 assets per order, and will be able to add assets until the order is approved/completed.

You’re paying for the Gig Package as a whole—meaning everything included in the Gig Package. If you’d like to change the number of assets needed, you can always talk to your seller about a Custom Offer.


If the order is canceled for any reason, the buyer loses the rights to the media included in the Order, even if it’s completed and delivered. Learn more about disputes and cancellations with Fiverr's Payment Terms.


Cancellations work like any other order on Fiverr. If the order is canceled under Fiverrr’s Terms and Conditions, the funds for the media items will return to the buyer.

Please note: Once your cancellation is approved, the purchased licenses won’t be valid anymore, even if the delivery includes the licensed media assets.


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