Shutterstock integration seller FAQs

1. How does payment for Shutterstock assets work?
Buyers purchase the license for each Shutterstock asset through the seller’s Gig package, Extras, and/or Custom Offer.

2. Can I use the Shutterstock assets that I’ve purchased for one project for future/other projects?
You can only use purchased assets in the context of the same order’s delivery. The license may not be reused otherwise.

3. What if I want to change the content after purchasing or final delivery?
If additional assets are needed, the buyer is required to purchase an additional license. We cannot replace a licensed asset with a different one.

4. What happens if I miss the 8-hour time frame to download the files?
If the 8-hour time frame expires, you will lose the option to download and access it. You will need to ask your buyer to repurchase it in order to re-download and use it.

5. Can I cancel an Order or a stock asset?
Cancellations work the same way as all Gig orders. Keep in mind that if the order is cancelled, the buyer loses the rights to the media—even if it was already delivered.
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6. Can I get a refund on purchasing an asset?
Buyers are the only ones who can request a refund, since they are the ones who purchase the assets. If the order is refunded, the buyer loses the rights to the media—even if it was already delivered—and you will no longer be permitted to use the asset.

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