Introducing Shutterstock with Gigs

We’re excited to introduce you to the Shutterstock integration, which will give you access and permission to use media content with licensed rights, directly through the Fiverr site.
Inspired by your requests, we’re excited to announce this new program to enhance the quality of your work and save you time doing it.

Integrating Shutterstock media assets (creative content and media files) into Gigs will help showcase you, the seller, as a high-quality professional, and give you a chance to reach out to buyers, in an extremely comfortable and convenient way.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a leading global platform that provides access to an entire library of high-quality and licensed media files—audio, image, and video content—for you to use.
With the integration between Fiverr and Shutterstock, you can use these assets (creative content and media files) in your Gigs straight from the Fiverr platform. Not only that, but you can test out stock assets for free, so that you can get approval from buyers before purchase.

The Shutterstock assets themselves come from Content creators that submit and contribute their work to Shutterstock itself, along with specific licensing rights for you to use without any hesitation.

Learn more about the different types of licenses with Shutterstock Licensed Media Terms and Conditions.

Benefits of Shutterstock asset integration

The goal is to provide creative professionals with content to enhance their Gigs with licensed assets—making the creating and producing process more convenient, simple, and time-efficient.

Not only will you have more opportunities to upsell and streamline your workload, but this is just the start. You can look forward to having easy access to top-quality stock assets that can help increase your Gig orders’ and quality.

Utilize Shutterstock in order to:

  • Be more efficient and save time when searching for media to use on projects
    • Use stock assets in a convenient way to enhance your workflow
    • Confidence in using licensed material that aligns with Fiverr Terms of Service

  • Offer more licensed media options to your customer
    • Easy access to top-quality stock assets that entail more revenue potential
    • Ability to add licensed stock assets as a fixed price (price factor) or as an extra custom offer to gigs

  • Use your skills to expand your services and reach more potential customers
    • Higher quality work will lead you to more satisfied buyers
    • For relevant gigs, include an option to search and download (watermarked-temp and final) stock assets and include them in the delivery

How to implement Shutterstock integration into Gigs

There are several simple ways you can integrate stock assets into your Gigs:

  1. Your seller profile page
    Directly on your seller profile page, there is an option to Add stock media from Shutterstock. The billboard in the dashboard will take you to the Gigs page from there.

  2. Packages and Custom Offers
    Add Shutterstock media directly into your packages, integrate stock assets into your Gig orders, and give the option to add assets as an extra offer using the Add custom extra feature.

  3. Stock Media tab on the Order page
    Never run out of ideas for stock media with our library, powered by Shutterstock, located on the Order page.
    Send the buyer free water-marked stock assets, so you can get their approval before the final purchase.

Learn more about how to get assets with How to use the Shutterstock-Gig integration feature.

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