Logo Maker quick tip: Variation of logos vs. individual designs

We can’t emphasize enough how beneficial it is to have a range of 4-5 different variations of logos—it’s proven to increase your logo’s chance of being purchased.

With that said, it’s important to note the difference between a variation of a logo and the logo design itself.

How to showcase multiple designs and variations

Try to avoid uploading the same logo design twice. For showcasing your design in different ways, we recommend that you add variations to the same logo, instead of uploading a whole new logo based on the same design.

What do we define as “the same logo” or “the same design”?

  • Same symbol, in different colors
  • Same symbol, upside down
  • Same symbol, but outlined 
  • same symbol, different font

Here is an example of several different variations of logos which we count as the same design:




Remember these tips before you upload your logos:

  • Utilize your uploads wisely
    Each seller can publish up to 30 files when they first start to use the Logo Maker, however, you can create as many variations of a logo as you want. So make sure each of your designs is unique

  • If you “recycle” a design, add and/or remove elements from the design
    Logos that are too similar will be denied, so make sure you create logos that are different enough from one another to avoid that from happening.

Here is an example of recycled designs (logos that  use the same design elements in different ways) that would be acceptable to publish as separate logos:



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