Logo Maker quick tip: Creative variations


The more logo variations you have, the more likely you are to match the artistic taste and needs of even more businesses. In fact, it’s been proven that having 4-5 logo variations actually increases its chance of being purchased

Utilize the Logo Maker to create unique alternatives for the same logo.

Typography variations tips

Open your mind to different types of business styles, and select a text type for each specific design.

When it comes to typography and text types, focus on:

  1. Fonts
  2. Contrast & creative combinations
    • Experiment with different sizes, weights, or styles to create an endless number of interesting variations that work
    • Think about different typography combinations for a brand name and slogan
  3. Letter spacing
    • Keep the hierarchies, line spacing, letter spacing, and curves in mind, so that you can match different uses of the logo
      • Ex. business cards, letterheads, stamps, websites, etc.


Color variations tips

Whether they envision their logo to be vibrant and colorful, fine black and white, or just classic outlined, more logo options increase your chances to match a buyer’s specific needs.

When it comes to color palettes, we highly recommend using one of these four:

  • Analogous
  • Complementary
  • Monochromatic
  • Triadic


Based on the color palette options you set for your variations, our Logo Maker editor will use them to create endless relevant suggestions, based on the buyer’s preference.


Play with different hues, saturations, and values to adjust the initial palette, create different versions of the same palette, and create more professional-looking color schemes based on your interpretation.

Avoid the gradient effect on logos if possible—buyers and sellers are able to change the colors of the logo however when changing the gradient it becomes a solid color. 

Layout variations tips

You most likely understand the art of grids, hierarchy, and proportions—your buyers, on the other hand, are less familiar with these aspects. Therefore when they use Logo Maker, we advise you to provide them with a complete set of customizable designs, that have a range of diversity.

This also gives them a demo of your logo design, and allows them to also purchase more variations to match different needs.


Featured tools

Two tools to utilize when you create layout variations are the Add Variation button and the Get inspired with a logo sample tools.

The Add Variation tool simulates and produces ideas for different layout variations you can create—it’s the + icon that is located on the bottom right of the Logo Maker.





The Get inspired with a logo sample tool simulates and provides a diverse range of sample layouts for your logo, in order to help spark up your inspiration.


Here's how it works:

Get familiar with the buyer and seller editor abilities

Here's a quick demo of how the seller's Editor works:

We recommend that you:

  • Modify the position of each element (the structure the brand name, slogan, and logo) in various ways

  • Experiment with the proportions, size, and spacing of the elements—individually and grouped together

  • Make sure each variation is diverse enough and adds another great alternative to your prospective buyer

  • Create different types of logos for different uses (ex. business cards, social media, etc.)

Once buyers choose their favorite design, they’re able to purchase it as it is or make small modifications with the buyer's Editor.

Here's a quick demo of how the buyer's Editor works:


Learn more with the Logo Maker Webinar.

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