Logo Maker quick tip: One design for multiple businesses

Fiverr has created an innovative and collaborative way for buyers to purchase breathtaking logos that are originally designed by you, as sellers. The key with the Logo Maker is to create one design that can work for different businesses and companies, simultaneously.

Here are a couple of tips on how to successfully publish a logo, and how to utilize the Logo Maker when you want to incorporate monograms and different lengths of text into your designs.

Use only one letter in your monogram

With logo designs, keeping things simple is usually best. One beneficial way to simplify a design is to use only one, individual letter in your monogram. Because of this, we’re here to help keep things convenient and optimize your success rate.

The chances of someone having the exact mix of two (or more) letters in their brand name are incredibly low. Since a single letter increases your chances of being picked, currently, we only support one-letter logos.

We also recommend you add a variety of logo variations. This gives you an even better advantage to take your buyers’ breath away with beautiful designs and high-quality options.


Design for different lengths of text

When it comes to logos, space is limited, which is why it’s important not to overcrowd your text with the available space. With that said, different businesses have different name lengths, so this tip will ensure that you can provide options for both long and short business names.

We recommend that you save space for longer texts if possible.
When you create your logos, make literal space for “Superduperlongname and co.”.

More versatility with your designs, leads to more buyers that are interested in your logos.



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