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Visibility in the marketplace is one of the most important things a freelancer should take care of in order to get orders and grow their business—which is why we built the Top Keyword tab.

The Top Keyword tab has a variety of analyzing options that help maximize the impact of your Gig’s appearance in search results—optimizing your Gig’s title, along with using the positive keywords field in your Gig’s settings, will have the biggest impact.

This Seller Plus exclusive analytics tab will help you better understand which words do and don't get you clicks, impressions, and orders, so that you can:

  • Track which words get clients to your Gig
  • Maximize your visibility on Fiverr
  • Score more orders

How it works

  1. Pick the specific Gig you want to analyze.

  2. Decide what time frame you want to see your results in.
    Ex. monthly reviews, 90 days, etc.

  3. Organize the data based on the metric you select in the “top 10 keywords” field, and view the 10 top-performing keywords for this metric.
    clicks, impressions, etc.

Note: The # icon that you see in parentheses indicates your personal ranking for a keyword in that specific category compared to your other keywords.
the keyword with the highest number of impressions will have a #1 beside it.

Helpful tips

  • Get the most out of top-performing keywords
    Place the strongest-performing keyword(s) in that metric category front and center in your Gig title, as it is the first text our algorithm takes into consideration, followed by the positive keywords field and your Gig description.

  • Utilize strong keywords in your title & description
    The top-performing keywords should be utilized and implemented in your title and description. Keep your Gig title and description clear, readable, and relevant to your Gig. Avoid confusing titles and/or overwhelming descriptions with text—this might negatively impact conversion rates.

  • Remember that impressions are a key metric
    Make sure your keywords get a high number of impressions—the more impressions you get, the more people see your Gig, and the higher your chances are to convert them into clients.

  • Review your keyword performance after 30 days
    Give new keywords at least 30 days to impact your Gig’s visibility and performance before analyzing their performance results.

Cheat Sheet for Analytics Terminology

The number of times your Gig has appeared in search results—which may be due to the use of this keyword in your Gig title, search tags, or Gig description.

The number of times clients have clicked on your Gig card (to scroll between images, watch videos, etc.) within the search results page.

Your click-through rate represents how often clients click on your Gig after viewing it. The higher the CTR, the stronger the indication that your Gig is relevant to potential clients. Learn more in the ‘Gig Performance’ tab.

The total number of orders from clients who reached your Gig by searching for this keyword.

Your conversion rate represents how often clients placed an order after clicking on your Gig. The higher the conversion rates, the stronger the indication that your Gig page is effective. 

The amount you’ve earned from clients who placed orders after searching for these keywords. Your earnings represent the price of the order before taxes and fees (extras included).


1. Which element of the gig is the most important to focus on when optimizing my Gig’s keywords?
In addition to the positive keywords field in your Gig’s settings, the Gig title is the most important place to include your top-performing and relevant keywords.

2. How often should I optimize my keywords?
We recommend checking your keywords at least once a month to make sure you’re optimized in search results.

3. I see a keyword in the Top Keywords tab, does it mean I have it in my gig?
Not necessarily. Clients can get to your Gigs based on relevancy. However, if you see this keyword is both relevant and performs well for you, you might want to add it to your Gig title.

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