Buyer activity insights

Buyer activity insights are available exclusively to Seller Plus members.
This data can give you more information about each buyer’s experience and behavior on Fiverr—so you can provide a better service and make more informed decisions.

How it works

You can now access data-driven insights about your buyer directly in the inbox.

  1. Go to your inbox and open a message with a buyer.

  2. Within the inbox message, you’ll see Activity on the right side of the screen. You can choose to see metrics for all time or the last 60 days. 
      • If you haven’t worked with the buyer in the past, you’ll see data for the buyer’s activity on Fiverr, based on public reviews (unless noted otherwise).

      • If you have worked with the buyer in the past, you’ll see data for those orders in the With you tab. Data for their activity with all sellers will be in the On Fiverr tab.

      • If there is no data available for a particular field, it will be left blank.

Note: Data shown may vary among buyers.

Default view if the seller hasn't worked with the buyer previously:

If a seller has worked with the buyer previously: 

View: With you View: On Fiverr

Available insights

  • Completed orders
  • Average rating given
  • Average order price 
  • Tip frequency (only shown for orders with you)
  • Date of last order
  • Preferred service
  • Repeat order rate (only shown for all orders)
  • Order completion rate

Note: Activity for orders placed with all sellers is based on public reviews, except average order price and order completion rate, which are based on activity of similar buyers. Because of these constraints, data shown may not reflect all order activity.

Depending on the buyer’s history and behavior, you’ll be able to see all or some of the following insights in your inbox.

Completed orders

Explanation  How to use it
Displays the number of orders the buyer has completed with you or on Fiverr (based on public reviews), excluding those that were canceled or are still in progress.  This information can be used to determine whether your buyer is new or experienced with Fiverr.

If they’re new, they may need more help or more detailed explanations than an experienced buyer.

Average rating given

Note: This insight was previously called “Rating given”.

Explanation  How to use it
Displays the average star rating the buyer has given you or all sellers (based on public reviews) post-order. Get familiar with how a buyer has rated previous orders, so you can manage expectations accordingly.

Average order price

Note: This insight was previously called ‘“Avg. order”.

Explanation How to use it

Shows the average price paid, excluding tax and fees, for orders placed with you.

For orders with all sellers, you’ll see an average range of prices paid, excluding tax and fees, based on order activity of similar buyers.

By knowing how much the buyer expects to pay , you can price your offer accordingly. Keep in mind the other types of Gigs the buyer might also order—and whether or not those are typically priced higher or lower than the services you provide.

Tip frequency

Explanation How to use it
Shown when viewing orders with you, this field shows the percentage of orders where the buyer has left a tip Can help set expectations for whether or not the buyer will leave a tip on future orders.

Date of last order

Note: This insight was previously called "Last order on".

Explanation  How to use it
Displays the date of the buyer’s most recent order with you, or with another seller (based on public reviews). Stay on top of how recently the buyer placed an order on Fiverr.

Preferred service

Note: This insight was previously called ‘Usually orders”.

Explanation  How to use it
Displays the service the buyer has ordered most often with you, or with other sellers (based on public reviews). Identify the most relevant service for the  buyer.

Repeat order rate

Explanation  How to use it
Only shown for activity with all sellers, this field will display “High” if the buyer is likely to order again from a seller they’ve worked with in the past (based on public reviews). Get a deeper understanding of whether or not the buyer is likely to reorder.

Order completion rate 

Explanation  How to use it

Shows the buyer’s completion rate for orders placed with you. 

For order activity with all sellers, the field will display “High” if similar buyers tend to complete orders. 

Note: If you don’t see this field, it could just be an indication that the buyer works best with clear communication and well-defined expectations.
Determine how likely it is that the order will be completed and not canceled.

Lower completion rates indicate that you may need to invest more effort into setting the right expectations and, as always, delivering a great service.


  1. What is the best use of these insights?
    These insights can help better understand each buyer’s unique experience and behavior on Fiverr, so that you can provide a better service and make more informed decisions both before accepting orders and during the order process.

  2. What timeframe do the insights refer to?
    You can choose to view insights from the last 60 days or all time.

  3. Can I see insights for buyers that I haven’t spoken with yet?
    Insights are available only when you have an active inbox chat with the buyer. 

    When talking to a buyer for the first time you’ll see only general insights about their activity on Fiverr. After delivering at least one order to the buyer, you’ll also be able to see insights specifically related to their work with you.

  4. Will I see the same types of insights for all buyers?
    The insights you’ll see may vary among  buyers, based on their buying history and how long they’ve been using Fiverr.

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