Seller Coupons for buyers

Seller Coupons are a way for Fiverr sellers to distinguish and reward their favorite buyers by offering them a discount on an order.
These Coupons are exclusive to Seller Plus members. Sellers have a limited number of Coupons each month, so if you received a Seller Coupon from a seller, it means that you are kinda awesome!

Seller Coupons received by e-mail/notifications

Coupons that are sent by a seller you ordered from in the past are valid for 30 days.

To use a Seller Coupon that you received by e-mail/notification:

  1. Click on one of the seller’s Gigs, or go to their Profile Page (you can also click on the e-mail or notification you received).

  2. On the seller’s Profile Page and the Gig itself, you will see a banner explaining the discount.

  3. Once you place your order, the Payment page will show that the Coupon has been applied, and the price will be updated accordingly.
    Note: You can continue to pay or remove the Seller Coupon. If you remove the coupon, Fiverr will keep it for you for future use.

Seller Coupons received in a Custom Offer

Coupons that are sent by a seller as part of a Custom Offer are valid for 24 hours.

The coupon will be automatically applied to the Custom Offer. To make a purchase using a Seller Coupon that was given as part of a Custom Offer, all you need to do is to accept the Offer.

Gig discounts for first-time buyers

A first-time buyer promotion is a way for Fiverr sellers to offer a special Gig discount to buyers they haven’t worked with before.

How it works

Some Gigs will offer a special discount for buyers that never ordered from the seller before.

The promotion is limited to specific Gigs (not Custom Offers) that are selected by the seller, and only applies to orders priced at $15 USD or more.
Note: You won’t be able to combine a first-time buyer promotion with Seller Coupons or any other discounted rates.

What the promotion looks like

1. If the seller is offering a promotion, you’ll see the promotion when you click on a seller’s Gig directly on their Gig page

2. The promotion will be presented as a pop-up window with the details for the promotion.
3. All of the relevant information will be displayed in the pop-up window (the percent of the discount, the date of expiration, etc.).
Note: Some promotions may end earlier than the expiration date.

4. The promotion’s price will be automatically applied to your order.
You'll see the discounted price on the Payment page.


Seller Coupon Terms

Seller Coupon Terms:

  • All of Fiverr's Terms of Service apply.
  • Seller Coupons are offered directly from sellers to buyers, not from Fiverr. 
  • The Seller Coupons are valid only for purchases on Fiverr from the seller who sent the coupon, for a limited period of time depending on the coupon type.  
  • Seller Coupons are limited to one use per buyer, are personal, and non-transferable. Only the buyer who was sent the seller coupon can use it. 
  • Seller Coupons cannot be used or combined with any other Fiverr promotion, such as Fiverr Credits or Fiverr Promo Codes. 
  • For orders that are composed of one or more Milestones and for Gig Subscription or other recurring services, the Seller Coupon only applies to the first payment.
  • If a buyer places an order with a Seller Coupon and then, for any reason, the order is cancelled, the Coupon will be invalid.
  • For Fiverr Pro accounts, only the team member who placed the order gets the Seller Coupon; other members are not able to use the Coupon.

FAQs - Seller coupons

1. Does the coupon have an expiration date?
There are two types of coupons:

  • Coupons that are sent by a seller you ordered from in the past
    These coupons are valid for 30 days.

  • Coupons that are sent by a seller as part of a Custom OfferThese coupons are valid for 24 hours.

2. Is there a minimum order amount for coupons to be used?

The minimum order amount is $15.

3. What can I purchase with my Coupons?
You can purchase any of the seller’s Gigs and/or Custom Offers using your Coupons.

4. Where can I get coupons from?
Sellers can add a coupon to a Custom Offer.
If you receive a Custom Offer with a Coupon, you can use the discount as long as you don’t have another active coupon from the seller.

5. If I use a Coupon on an order and the order is canceled, can I use the Coupon on another order?
No. You can only use a coupon once. If it’s used on an order that is then canceled (for any reason), the coupon will be invalid.

FAQs - Promotions

1. Can I combine this promotion with another discount code?
No, you won’t be able to combine a first-time buyer promotion with Seller Coupons or any other discounted rates.

2. Am I required to add a promotion code on the checkout page?
No, the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

3. Does this discount work with Subscription or Milestone orders?
As a first-time buyer with a seller, you can only use the promotional offer for the first order of your Subscription plan. However, promotions won’t work with Milestone orders.
Learn more about these types of Gigs with Subscriptions.

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