Digital Marketing Case Study: A Foundation for Your Email Marketing Gig

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate your skills, and are important for your sales success. Not only can you develop trust and convey your professionalism with a case study but you can also make it very clear as to what your service includes. This is because case studies usually use simple language and are understandable, are visually appealing and show buyers exactly what they can expect. 

Once you have created your case study, you can:


  • Share it with sellers through your inboximage__7_.png

We worked with an existing Fiverr seller (fist_of_fury) to create this case study mockup as a reference. We encourage you to create one for your own for buyers to see your skills and expertise. As “seeing is believing”, show buyers what you can do, and how brilliantly you can do it. Use your case study as a platform on which to present your experience.

Click here to download the Case Study Example.


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