Sync to Fiverr Workspace

Workspace (previously AND.CO) is now a part of Fiverr’s suite of business solutions. The suite of automated business management tools enables you to build, manage, and grow your Business. The new and improved smart back-office solution can be simply and easily synced directly to your Fiverr account. 

Syncing Fiverr to Workspace

  1. Log in > Earnings 
  2. Within the Earnings Tab > Sync to Workspace
  3. Get a notification letting you know that your earnings are ready to review in your workspace > Take a look > Redirected to Workspace Transactions Page 

Once you've synced your income, and are logged into your Workspace account, it will sync automatically. If you don't have a Workspace account, we will automatically create one for you, and for all future logins, you can log in using the Fiverr option. Once the sync is completed, you’ll be able to select View in Fiverr Workspace from your Earnings Tab and be redirected to your Workspace account.

Sync tips:

  • You can stop the sync from your Earnings tab and select Stop sync to Workspace
  • If your earnings are deleted from within your Fiverr Workspace account, you can't conduct a sync again in order to have the deleted listing re-appear. In this instance, you’ll need to manually add the data as manual income.
  • Your Fiverr Workspace account must have the same email as your account in order for it to sync. If not, you’ll be prompted to create a new Fiverr Workspace account.

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