Perfect your profile picture

Your profile picture has the power to establish a sense of trust in you before starting a project. The image you choose as your profile photo is essential in helping you to attract clients, and stand out in Fiverr's large and competitive marketplace. 

Selecting your profile picture

Add an image of yourself

Show yourself clearly and face the front. This can be an original image of you, your company's logo, or an image that represents your service. Make sure that you own the picture you upload. For more information, see Fiverr’s Community Standards.


  • Add an image of someone else, a celebrity, or an image that misrepresents your service
  • Use a GIF as your profile picture  

Creating your profile picture

Show your actual face

We all want to exactly who we're working and communicating with. A profile picture, that clearly shows your face, gives clients a sense of your professionalism and shows buyers who you really are.

Don't: Partially cover your face. 

Focus on your face

Look directly at the camera. Only include your head and the top of your shoulders—crop your image If needed. Be sure to dress in a professional and respectful manner—and to smile! 

Use the best lighting

Natural light is best. Direct sunlight or cloudy conditions are the most ideal settings.

Avoid: Overhead light as it can cause harsh shadows to appear in your profile picture. 

Choose a simple background

A plain, solid, and lightly-colored background is ideal. 

Don't: Use a bright background color. 

Be authentic

Being professional is important, but you should also express your personality through your profile picture. Whether this dressing in your own unique style or fashioning your hair in a way that's uniquely you, there are always ways to show that special something you bring to the table.

Take your photo

If you take a photo of yourself, set up a tripod or balance your camera/phone on a flat surface. Alternatively, ask someone to take your photo. Take a few photos in different locations with various poses so that you have options to choose from. Choose the photo with the highest resolution.

Don't: Use a blurry or pixelated photo.

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