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Find the right seller for exactly what you need, and when you need it.

Whether it’s your first day here or if you’re an experienced buyer, Fiverr will strategically find you the highest quality service from the most relevant sellers, based on your individual and specific needs.

Our smart algorithm uses the details you provide in a brief, to quickly find and match you to your ideal seller and quality service.

Getting matched with your ideal seller 

This matching feature is a personal and tailored experience that aims to deliver the best service and offers from the best seller for your specific requirements. Remember, what matters most is the quality of the offers you get, rather than the quantity.

Here’s how to create a brief and get matched with the most relevant sellers:

  1. Log in and click on your profile image > select Post a Request.

  2. Explain to sellers exactly what you need with our easy-to-complete form.

    Required and optional form details:
      • General introduction (optional)
        • Introduce yourself and your business to potential sellers
      • Industry (optional)
        • Describe what you’re looking for
        • Share your vision, explain your needs, define your expectations, and every other detail you want your seller to know while they work on your project
      • You can attach up to 5 files (documents, images, etc.)


        Remember: The more detailed, the better. Even if the field is optional, we recommend providing as much information as possible.

  3. Once the category and other project details are completed on the form, click Continue.
    After you complete these details, our smart algorithm calculates the most suitable category for your requirements.

    For example: If you request a logo to be designed for your business, an additional field will appear (based on the details you provide).
    This information is unique to each service. When prompted, complete the additional fields to ensure the best and most accurate match.

  4. Add your budget and the date you need your project completed.


  5. Click Review Your Brief to get an overview of all the details in your brief before you submit it.

  6. Confirm all the details are correct, and press Submit & get matched.

Once you've sent your brief, you can expect to receive Custom Offers directly from sellers, in your Inbox.
To make sure that you are matched with both the service you need and a top-quality seller, you may receive a few Custom Offers from various sellers. You can review and choose the best offer for you.

Please note: The offers you get from sellers may differ slightly from your brief based on sellers’ expertise, what’s included in their services, budget considerations, and so on.

Managing multiple offers

Once you send in your brief, you’ll get a notification with a link to your submitted brief. Any Inbox Offer will link to the same submitted brief, along with the option to cancel it.
Once you pick an offer that suits you best, click

The order process will begin as soon as you choose and accept the Offer you want. You can still choose to cancel the order at any point. If you cancel the order, and still have other active offers in your Inbox, you can go back and accept them.

Please Note: Once you cancel your brief, you won’t receive any other Inbox Offers from sellers, and will need to create a new brief if you want to get matched with a seller.


1. How can I benefit from getting matched with a seller?
Our smart algorithm quickly and strategically matches you with the most relevant sellers based on their expertise and your project’s needs.
The best benefit is that you’ll spend less time searching for a seller/Gig, since we create a personalized list and present them directly to you.

2. How do I create a good brief and get matched with a high-quality seller?
The more details you provide in your brief, the more likely you are to match with a seller who’s the perfect fit for you. When you complete a brief, it’s beneficial to fill out the fields that are both required and optional and be as straightforward as possible.

Tip: Try to explain your brief as if you’re talking to someone about your product, platform, service, vision, etc. for the first time.

3. After I have submitted my brief, what should I expect? How soon will I get offers from sellers?
After you submit your brief, Fiverr will review it and make sure it complies with our Terms of Service. When approved, it will be sent to selected sellers via our smart algorithm.
We can’t provide an exact time frame for when you will receive offers, since some sellers may respond faster than others.

4. I can’t see Buyer Requests in my dashboard. What happened?
The Buyer Requests feature has been removed from the site, and replaced with the new matching feature.

The matching feature allows you to work with specific sellers that are more tailored to what you’re looking for.
Your suggested sellers are matched with you via our smart algorithm, based on the details you add to your brief.

Not finding the service you’re looking for?

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