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Milestones let you divide complex projects into separate steps. This keeps you organized and ensures you and your seller are always aligned. 

Milestone benefits


See your seller’s work process, and exactly how they manage their workflow. Keep deliveries, deadlines & payments organized based on your seller’s workflow. Take advantage of the pre-defined deadlines, deliverables, and payments.

Managed expectations

As you can split your project up into 6 sections (and payments), your seller will know what you expect, and by when, with the structured updates throughout the process.

Any potential confusion or delays can be prevented using milestones—milestone deliveries are always approved by you before the seller moves onto the next milestone.  

Suggestion: Define your revisions per milestone for an even more organized project.


Instead of asking you to clarify project details, it’s already clear to your seller using Milestones. In this way, you can limit the (oftentimes unnecessary) inbox dialogue between you and your seller.

Using Milestones

Custom offers: milestones

Note: Only orders over $100 are eligible for milestones. 

Use this option for complex projects—and approve each project step. Get custom offers from sellers that include milestones. You’ll be notified with an Inbox message when you receive a custom offer. Alternatively, you can contact a particular seller and request a custom offer including milestones. You can have up to 6 milestones in a custom offer.

Gigs: Milestones

Note: Only sellers (with a basic package over 100$) in the following subcategories can add Milestones to their Gigs: 3D Product Animation; Business Plans; Producers & Composers; Desktop Applications; and Social Media Marketing.

Find sellers who have milestones built into their Gigs. You’ll be able to see a seller’s workflow, and milestone pricing, before you even make an order. Understand a seller’s work process, know exactly what deliveries you can expect—and by when. You can have up to 5 milestones with Gig milestones.

You’ll see the option to use milestones on a seller’s Gig:

You’ll have 8 days from the delivery of each milestone to request a revision/accept it, If you don’t, the order will stop, and be marked as completed. After you accept the delivery and complete the order, you have 10 days to start the next milestone.


  1. When should I use milestones?
    We recommend using milestones for bigger projects to allow for more flexibility in the smaller steps. Milestones offer you a reduced risk, and these per-task payments also give sellers the incentive to keep up the good work.

  2. What are some examples of milestone projects?
    Get an idea of how it is to work with your potential seller:

    Example 1: Logo design

    Example 2: Whiteboard & explainers 

  3. When will I be charged?
    You’ll be charged for the first milestone when you place an order. Once you approve a milestone and initiate the next one, the associated payment will be made.

  4. How can I cancel a milestones order?
    A milestone within an order, or the whole order, can be canceled through the Resolution Center or through Customer Support, for valid reasons.

  5. I don’t see milestones as an option on my seller’s Gig page, what do I do?
    You can contact the seller and ask them to send you a custom offer—using milestones.

  6. How do revisions work with milestones?
    You’ll have 8 days from the delivery of each milestone to request a revision/accept it, and continue to the next one. If you don’t, the order will stop, and be marked as completed.

  7. What is the maximum number of milestones allowed in an order?
    You can add a maximum of 5 milestones per Gig order, and 6 milestones per custom offer. If this is an ongoing service, it may be more suitable for you to use Subscriptions.

  8. Can I use milestone and subscriptions at the same time?
    No, you can choose either subscription or milestones but they can’t be combined and used in the same order.

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