Music and Audio workshops

Level up your skills with these Music and Audio workshops! 


Creating voice-over business

The voice-over industry is tough. Oftentimes, voice artists feel like the business side of things can get in the way of their craft. Learn from the pros on how to tackle common issues and streamline your way to success.


Developing your artist identity

Every artist knows, in 2022, it’s not enough just to have good music. Along with a great sound and marketing plan, building a brand and story is as essential as ever. Tune in to find out what you need to be thinking about and have in mind when growing your music brand.


Ins and outs of freelance composing

Music composition is a uniquely challenging art. Add in working with people from across the world, on a variety of project types, and things get a whole lot tougher. Learn from experienced composers on how they deal with difficult projects, stay inspired, and organize complex sessions.


Ready to press play on success again and again?

If you missed the workshops or want to watch them on repeat, we made sure to record them just for you. Find all the sessions and dive right in! 

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