Gig image guidelines: Making the most of your Gig image

In business, image is everything, and first impressions count. That’s why we’ve created our Gig image guidelines to help you succeed on Fiverr.

Let’s take a look at our guidelines and dive into how you can make the most out of your Gig images.

To edit and update your Gig images:

Go to your Gigs dashboard, and select the Gig you’d like to edit.
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1. Review our Gig image requirements and recommendations to help make sure your Gig image is appealing, high-quality, and complies with Fiverr's Terms of Service and Fiverr's Community Standards.
To put it simply, if buyers find your Gig appealing, they are more likely to click through and take the time to review your service, since a great first impression is an important key to reeling them in.
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2. Keep any text overlay concise and visually easy to read.
Less is more, especially when a picture is already worth 1,000 words.
If you want to add a text overlay, we recommend you use up to 10 words total—and keep in mind that using different words is more effective than repeating your title.
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3. The use of third-party logos is permitted—but remember that less is more.
Similar to using text overlay, keep your Gig images clean and simple by not overcrowding them with too many logos.
Learn more about image usage rights and how to use third-party logos with Third-party logos: dos and don’ts.

4. If you want to upload a picture of yourself, make sure it’s high-quality, well-lit, and in focus.
Keep it genuine and visually appealing with a star-quality picture of yourself that aligns with Fiverr's Community Standards.
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5. Exhibit your best works with “before and after” images or mockups to inspire ideas and show off your skills.
Your sample gallery will be a total of three images that showcase your best skills and work. Pick images that will help potential buyers understand your work quickly—and try to avoid overwhelming collages.
Learn more with Showcasing your work.


6. If you want to upload stock images/graphics, make sure you have the rights to use them, and that they’re high-quality and relevant to your Gig.
When it comes to images, we always recommend clean and visually pleasing images. For graphics, try using simple ones that aren’t overwhelming to the eye.
Remember: All Design categories require original work.
Learn more with Using stock images.

7. Focus on your main object if you want to combine text, graphics, and photos.
If you want to combine different forms of visual media, the final graphic of your Gig image should grasp your audience’s attention. Too much information or visuals can get overwhelming or confuse potential buyers when they glance at it.
Learn more with Combining text, graphics, and photos.

8. Spark up your inspiration with your Gig image examples.
We’re here to help you in any way that we can. Utilize, review, and spark up your inspiration with our examples to get a better idea of how to upload a great Gig image and get those creative wheels turning.

9. A great Gig image will lead to more sales and revenue.
Remember, success begins with a great Gig image. Your online representation influences and boosts potential buyers’ excitement about the product or service offered. Be sure to use Gig images that stand out to attract buyers and generate more revenue.

If you need any additional assistance to improve and update your Gig,
our dedicated Gig image experts are here to help.



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