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Fiverr Workspace (previously AND.CO) has officially joined Fiverr’s suite of business solutions. The new and improved smart back-office solution was specifically developed for the unique needs of freelancers, contractors, independent consultants, and SMBs. Workspace’s suite of automated business management tools enables you to build, manage, and grow your operations. Manage your entire business operation efficiently for business both on and off Fiverr with the tools to run a business. Enjoy your business’ smooth operation while you focus on your daily tasks. 


Fiverr Workspace for you 

From invoicing and payments to expense and time-tracking, Workspace streamlines your business operations. Start each day with confidence knowing that your admin is handled, your to-do list is prioritized, and that you are completely up-to-date. What’s more is that you can now import your income and, in the future, your expenses from Fiverr’s marketplace to Workspaces, and get a complete overview of your business finances. If you have an independent business as well as your business on Fiverr, you’ll be able to connect the 2 and manage all your revenue streams through Fiverr Workspace. 


Workspace aims to: 

  • Enable to focus on your actual business and not the admin part of it—giving you more control over managing your business
  • Make organization and payments easier
  • Ensure a smooth, and friendly experience 



The more you use Fiverr Workspace, the smarter it gets. Workspace’s intelligent automated tools make it easy for you to: 

  • Convert your branded proposals into contracts and invoices 
  • Update and track all your tasks, expenses, and hours 
  • Explore advanced business analytics
  • Prepare your tax-day paperwork 



  1. When would I use Fiverr Workspace?
    Workspace was developed for sellers who manage their businesses online, specifically to help manage clients (globally). If you have business on and off Fiverr, you can manage your entire business operation on Workspace.

  2. Why rebrand AND CO and make it part of Fiverr?
    With Workspace’s capabilities, Fiverr, the leading platform for all freelance needs on a global scale is now even more comprehensive and freelance-friendly.

  3. Will I have access to the same tools that I had access to before?
    Yes, all the same tools and features you love will still be available to you. The proposals, projects, and invoices that you already have set up will be in Fiverr Workspace. This also applies to all of your business and payment information.

  4. Will the pricing structure change at all?
    No, Pricing will remain the same. The only thing changing is the name of the paid program (from Pro to Unlimited), however, all the same pricing and offerings remain.

  5. When would a buyer use Workspace?
    Workspace is a tool for freelancers. As small-medium businesses (SMBs) are considered part of the freelance family, the business management suite is just as attractive and useful in managing an SMB. As a business owner, you can manage your business using Workspace, and use Fiverr to buy the services you need for your business—win-win! Use Workspace to manage your business data by importing all your expenses/purchase data from Fiverr directly into Workspace.

  6. How do I get started with Fiverr Workspace?
    To help you get going, take a look at the step-by-step guide.

  7. Is there any Workspace tool that I could use to help me grow my business on Fiverr?
    Workspace helps you keep track of all your business in one easy-to-navigate place. Track your time, revenue, and projects on Fiverr using Workspace.

  8. Does Workspace have tools that will help me with things like taxes, savings, retirement, etc.?
    Currently, you can use Fiverr Workspace to manage your finances and create reports for your business income and expenses. This is convenient as your Gigs on Fiverr have easy and direct access with Workspace. 

Coming soon: Tax-related features.

Automate your business's back office with Workspace 

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