Standardized Gig packages

Implementing standardized Gig packages is a necessary step toward enhancing the platform's catalog and driving your business growth. By ensuring that all Gigs in a particular category deliver precise and relevant service offerings, standardized packages contribute to a more streamlined and consistent user experience. Standardized packages also establish a consistent service scope within the basic package of each Gig, enabling buyers to compare different offers.

For each standardized category, certain pricing elements are set as a minimum standard and must be included in each package within your Gig.

What you need to do

Follow the instructions in the Gig create & edit flow.

  1. Please review the category requirements and take the time to thoroughly understand the standardized package requirements for your specific category. Identify the minimum pricing elements that need to be included in each package within your Gig.
  2. When editing your Gig, go through the Gig creation or editing flow as instructed and make the necessary adjustments to your Gig to fit into the category's minimum requirements. Ensure that you include all the mandatory pricing elements within each of your Gig packages.
  3. Evaluate whether your Gig still aligns with the minimum requirements. If your Gig does not meet the minimum requirement, consider moving it into a more relevant category where your potential buyers are more likely to see it.
  4. There are limitations that are specific to the Gig package structure and do not apply to custom offers. If you encounter a buyer with different requirements, you can create a custom offer based on their specific needs and your agreed upon price.
  5. Please make sure to provide all of the information. Missing information might impact your exposure to potential buyers, as some search experiences on the platform are based on mandatory fields within your packages. Make sure that you complete all of the necessary fields and provide comprehensive information about your services.
  6. Make sure to respond to notifications promptly. Keep an eye on any notifications on the Seller dashboard. It's important to complete the relevant updates within the provided timeline. Failure to comply with the required modifications within the agreed upon timeframe could impact your Gig's visibility on the platform. Gigs may be affected if these required modifications are not made within 30 days.

Standardization types

The examples below from ‘Overview’ and ‘Pricing’ tabs in Gig create & edit flow.

They represent the standardized factors and requirements for your Gig to be valid and remain in its current category.


Service Type

Service type is a part of the category tree, a level inside the subcategory. Choosing the right category is important to display your Gig to the right audience and essential to get the right pricing and metadata of your service.

Service type.png

Mandatory Gig’s metadata

Some of the metadata on the Gig’s level may be mandatory. It is essential to specify what are the areas of focus of your Gig inside the category. Filters on search and browse pages use it to expose the relevant Gigs to the right users.

Mandatory metadata.png


Numeric value

Elements that include a number of items (words, seconds, pages, hours etc), and must b e included in the package.

Minimal scope - the number included in the package should be exact or above this value.

Numeric Value 1.png


Fixed value - a specific value that should be the same across all the Gigs in the category describing the same scope of work.

numeric value 2.png


Include service

This pricing element is an integral part of the service type and part of the basic scope. There is no option to define a Gig in this category without delivering this in the package.

Include service.png


Exclude service

This pricing element cannot be a part of this package and may be available in other packages or as an extra only.

Exclude service.png


Minimum price

The package price must be above this amount in order to keep the Gig’s prices realistic to maintain the category's reputation as a high-quality service and ensure fair competition at the storefront.

Minimum price.png


Additional extra

We recommend to include this pricing element as an extra to expand your offering to higher scope and meet more potential buyers.

Additional extra.png


In rare cases, extras may also be mandatory to make sure this specific element is priced. Usually this option appears when the element is mandatory for a dedicated buying experience.

additional extra 2.png

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