Freelancers are your solution to the "great resignation"

A staggering 95% of workers are considering changing jobs, according to a new report from [Source (1)].

They have various reasons for wanting to move on. During the pandemic, many workers stayed in jobs they weren't passionate about for financial security. But now that the job market has tightened considerably -- there were 9.2 million job openings nationwide as of late May -- workers feel more comfortable making a career switch. 

Others are planning to exit the workforce permanently. Nearly 3 million workers over 55 are considering early retirement, which is more feasible than ever thanks to the booming stock and real estate markets [Source (2)].

And other employees are leaving work -- but only temporarily. Sixty-five percent of Americans are ready to go on trips they had long put off, according to polling from Morning Consult [Source (3)]. One survey found that a third of workers plan to take more than three weeks off this year [Source (4)].

This office exodus -- which many have dubbed the "Great Resignation" -- has already started [Source (5)]. In April alone, a record 4 million Americans quit their jobs [Source (6)]. In May, the latest month for which data is available, 3.6 million left their employers [Source (7)].

This turnover is sure to cause headaches for human resources professionals nationwide. That's where Fiverr Business comes in.

Instead of scrambling to hire employees on short notice, many companies would be better off relying on a team of talented freelancers, who have the skills needed to tackle any project -- from designing eye-catching websites to managing a multi-platform social media campaign to conducting comprehensive research projects [Source (8)].

With Fiverr Business, there's no need to waste more time on interviews, vetting, and guessing games to get the diversified support you need. We provide you with dedicated Fiverr Business Success Managers, who guide you through a comprehensive catalog of talented, vetted freelance workers and match you with the best candidates [Source (9)].

Fiverr Business is designed to integrate these freelance helpers into your existing team and department structure. We make it easy for businesses to work across departments, time zones, and computer screens. The site helps your team build a more collaborative environment, where both full-time employees and freelancers can bounce ideas off of each other, share project information, and create shared goals [Source (10)].

The platform also allows users to seamlessly manage a larger organization and monitor a whole team at once. You can supervise project progress, approve transactions, and set team budgets in one place [Source (11)].

Short-staffed companies aren't the only ones that appreciate the expertise and flexibility of freelancers, of course. Freelancers increasingly play an integral role in the success of companies large and small.

Tens of millions of people already prefer to choose how and when they work, and what projects they want to take on. Their ranks could increase after the pandemic since many workers have grown accustomed to working remotely and are pursuing opportunities at companies that offer more flexible work arrangements. All told a recent study found that freelancers could make up over 50% of the total U.S. workforce by 2027 [Source (12)].

With the sector experiencing such explosive growth, the question for HR professionals is increasingly not whether to use freelancers, but how? Fiverr Business offers the collaborative solution that human resources departments have been looking for.














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