Seller Plus Waiting List

Disclaimer: You will only be deemed eligible for any of the program's benefits once you are accepted into the Seller Plus program.

The Seller Plus program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you further succeed in the Fiverr marketplace and is aimed to ultimately accelerate your business.
The program includes different types of plans with different benefits in each type of plan.
Let's dive into some of the benefits of the Seller Plus Program.

Seller Plus waiting list

Seller Plus offers you new and creative ways to enhance your Gig’s success.

While Seller Plus is invite-only, if you would like to participate in the program, and have requested to join the waiting list, please be aware that there
is a limit to the number of sellers that can join the program.
If you are on the waiting list, it doesn't confirm a spot in the program but rather, we are aware that you would like to join. 

You can review all Seller Plus Terms and Conditions here.

Seller Success Manager

Note: Success Managers are available to Premium members only.

As a Fiverr Seller, you probably find yourself thinking of seizing more business opportunities and experiencing further business growth. There is a lot to know after all.

By setting you up with a dedicated Success Manager, you will receive guidance through a series of consultations, ranging from profile optimization to business growth. This means that you receive an expert guide, with a thorough understanding of how Fiverr works, as your liaison for everything that is Fiverr.

Access to advanced analytics

Compare your Gig’s sales rates with sellers within the same subcategory using Advanced Analytics. Optimize your Gig based on the specific keywords that buyers are using to search the marketplace, and understand your Gig’s sales rates with the data provided by a comprehensive traffic analysis report.-

By leveraging the new capabilities within the advanced analytics feature, Seller Plus subscribers can learn more about their businesses and understand specific ways to potentially improve them.

Access to coupons

Reconnect with your buyers on Fiverr, retain your recent customers, increase sales, and promote your Gigs with Seller coupons.
Use this feature to create coupons, set your preferred amount to apply for a discount, and choose the buyers that you want to reward once the coupons have been sent. Your buyers will be notified and will have 30 days to purchase another Gig from you.

Access to Seller Plus events

By participating in the Seller Plus program, sellers have exclusive and priority access to Fiverr community events and webinars. 

Financial benefits

Sellers obtain a 7-day clearance, which is exclusive to Seller Plus participants and Top Rated on Fiverr—while the rest of the marketplace has a 14-day clearance period. 

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