Repeat business score

As a seller on Fiverr, you know the importance of receiving repeat orders from your buyers. Not only does repeat business confirm the high quality of your service (go you!) but also gives you peace of mind by helping you to create a stable income. Fiverr has always encouraged long-term relationships between buyers and sellers, and now, with the repeat business score and badge on seller profiles, this is recognized even further!

What does the repeat business score mean?

Your score gives you a sense of how well your repeat business compares to other sellers within your subcategory.  In this way, if you have Gigs in different subcategories, you’ll have a different repeat business score for each subcategory. Sellers leading their subcategories, and who have a repeat business score of 95 and above, will earn the repeat business badge. 

With the new dashboard within the Analytics tab, the metrics that make up the repeat business score are easily accessible. Understand your repeat business performance based on the factors affecting your score: 

1. Repeat buyers

The number of buyers who ordered from you again within the last 90 days. 

2. Repeat buyers (%)

The percentage of buyers who ordered from you again within the last 90 days. 

3. Earnings from repeat buyers

Your earnings from repeat orders (before any added fees/ taxes).

4. Earnings from repeat buyers (%)

The percentage of your earnings from repeat buyers from your total earnings. 



How it works

  1. Log in > Analytics tab
  2. To the right of the “Overview tab” (which you already know), see the “Repeat business tab”
  3. Once complete > Choose your subcategory from the dropdown menu  
  4. See your repeat business score, and how you perform in each of the factors that it is comprised of:
  • Repeat buyers
  • Repeat buyers (%)
  • Earnings from repeat buyers
  • Earnings from repeat buyers (%)

5. Notice the banner at the bottom of the page > See tips and tricks on how to meet (or exceed!) your buyers’ expectations > See more tips

How to improve your score

Follow buyer requirements to the detail 

The more you know about what your buyers want, the better you can meet (or exceed!) their expectations. 

Keep your buyers updated 

Make your buyers feel like you've got their back - be quick to respond and share updates on their orders.

Get early feedback on your work 

Get a feel for what your buyers are thinking and be flexible about making changes before the order is completed. 

Tell buyers what else you have to offer 

Buyers often need extra services delivered. Let them know how else you can add value to an ongoing order. 

Offer Gig subscriptions

By gaining repeat orders using Subscriptions, you can establish buyer trust and business security for yourself.  


1. Is this score private? 

Yes, only you can see your repeat business score on the repeat business dashboard within the Analytics tab.  

2. How often does the score update?

The score is updated once a week and is seen on the dashboard itself. It also lets you know when the new update will be. However, the factors (the number and percentage of repeat buyers as well as the revenue and the percentage of revenue from repeat buyers) update in real-time. This means that you can see your repeat buyers and earnings from repeat buyers within the last 90 days as it happens. 

3. Do all categories have a repeat business score? 

No, currently, in some sub-categories, this score doesn't exist. In the subcategories where the score isn't supported, you will be notified in the dashboard. 

4. What if there is no/low demand for repeat business in my subcategory? 

Don’t worry! The repeat business score is relative to the subcategory ONLY. Your repeat business score will not be compared to every other Gig on Fiverr but only to other Gigs in your subcategory. 

5. What is a returning buyer? 

Whether you have had the same buyer for 25 years or 25 minutes, the time between each purchase makes no difference. A returning buyer is simply an individual who has previously purchased your service and is now requesting to do so once again. The buyer is defined as a repeat buyer after an order has been completed, and not only after an order was created.

6. How can I maintain my high score while I am on vacation and have set myself as away? 

Don’t worry! In this instance, we take your vacation days into account. Your vacation days are viewed as “disregarded days.” For example, if you took 5 vacation days, your repeat business score will be calculated on the stats based on the last 95 days (90 repeat business days as per the standard + 5 vacation days). 

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