Top Clients

Disclaimer: Only select sellers are eligible to use this feature, and will receive an invitation to join.

Note: We’ve made some updates and changes to this feature.
Please make sure that your top clients' information meets the current requirements and that you update this section accordingly.
If you don’t update your top clients section, your clients will be removed.

When buyers search for Gigs, they're naturally attracted to seller profiles that seem trustworthy—based on seller level, reviews, and the work displayed on Gig pages.

Many of you have delivered extraordinary work; noteworthy clients like Unilever, MyHeritage, Samsung, and Intel are just a few examples.

This is why we added the Top Clients feature, so that you can showcase and highlight top clients and brands you have worked with and provided your freelancer services to.

This is an opportunity for you to share your work experience with those clients and create a stronger sense of trustworthiness, and quality of work perception with potential buyers.

How it works

Eligible sellers will get a notification message to let them know that they have received the opportunity to showcase their top clients.

You can access the Top Client page from either the notifications you’ve received or directly from your profile.

There, you can add up to 5 new clients in total, and edit your existing clients.
You will need to add one Top Client to your list at a time, along with proof of your work with each client.

Note: You must include a company that hired you to work on a paid project (this doesn't include profiles or usage of platforms/sites/tools such as Fiverr, Facebook, YouTube, Shopify, etc.).

How to add a Top Client to your profile

Disclaimer: By confirming and providing proof that you have worked with the client and had a business relationship with it, you hereby assume the responsibility to share valid and genuine information.
Providing false proof or information can lead to the removal of your eligibility for this feature.

Important: It’s required to include a project description and a form of proof when you add a top client.


1. Click on Add a client to take you to the top Client page.

Remember, you can access the Top Client page from your profile or the notification you received.

2. Type in a client name and select the client from the approved list.

Only clients from the approved list are available. The option to add/suggest new clients/companies to the approved list is no longer available.

3. Provide the details for the client you worked with:

  • Project start date
  • Project end date
  • Details of the work you completed for the project
    For example, tell us about your specific responsibilities on the project, the impact your contributions made, etc. 
4. Upload support documents/proof for working with this client.
A few types of proof you can upload:
  • Link to the work portfolio containing the project with the client
  • Link to the invoice of services
  • Link to the contract of services/link for the Fiverr order
Note: If needed, you can remove or block out any personal details you don’t want to share on your uploaded document.

5. Mark the checkbox to confirm that you've worked with the client mentioned and have permission to publish these details.
Then click Submit

6. Once you've received confirmation (Client submitted), you can click Add another client.


Edit or add an additional top client

You can access the top client page from either:

  • The notification message you received
  • Your seller profile

To edit an existing top client or add another client from your seller profile:

  1. Go to your seller profile.
  2. Scroll down and click Among my clients.
  3. Hover over your existing top client, and click the pencil icon to edit a client, or click Add another client to add a new one.


Disclaimer: If you violate these guidelines and attempt to misuse this feature in any way, your eligibility for the feature might be removed.

Let's review the Dos, Don'ts, and examples for proper ways to submit your top clients.


  • You can only add actual paid clients you’ve provided freelancer services for in the past
  • You must fill in the “Project Description field” with details related to the project that you worked on for this paying client
    Keep in mind that you’ll need to add at least one form of supporting documentation for your project along with your project details. Learn more with the example below.
  • You can add multiple projects that you've worked on for the same paying client

Example of a potential Top Client that you can show on your profile

Client name: Nike
Project start date: January 2022
Project end date: March 2022
Describe the work you did for this client: I worked on a project as a content creator for the Nike Marketing team, including social media, blogs, and customer offers. This project helped drive additional sales and increase organic traffic levels.
Proof provided: Invoice from the client


  • Don’t list services or platforms that you've used in your work with the top client feature (such as Fiverr, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Google, Adobe, etc.)
    For example, you may not list Shopify as your top client as a way to show you are using Shopify as a tool to build online shops.

  • Don’t list platforms that are related to the services you offer as your top client
    For example, if your Gig includes services related to helping a buyer’s Instagram account grow, then you can’t list Instagram as your top client.
    Additionally, you can’t add Facebook as a top client when you’ve created a logo for a customer to upload to Facebook.

  • Don’t add platforms that your work has been published in
    For example, If you created a video for a client and the client published it on YouTube, you may not write YouTube as your top client.

  • Don’t list a top client that is not related to the service(s) you’re offering on Fiverr

  • Don’t describe the top client in the Project Description section
    Please use the top client section to list the details of your work for this specific top client.

  • Don’t list reviews or feedback from the top client in the “Project Description” section
    The Project Description section is only for the details surrounding your work on the project.

Example of misuse of this feature—which you should not do

Note: Your client in this case is NOT Amazon, rather your client is working on the Amazon platform in some capacity. These types of misuse will lead to the removal of this client from your profile, and could also lead to this feature being removed from your profile. 

Client name: Amazon
Project start date: January 2022
Project end date: March 2022
Describe the work you did for this client: I have developed a site for one of my clients who has a store on Amazon. He was really happy with the result which led to an increase in his sales. 
Proof provided: Screenshot of the Amazon store you built for the client


  1. Who can add top clients?
    Only select sellers can add top clients.

  2. Which of my clients can I add?
    You can only add clients that are on Fiverr’s pre-approved list. This does not include your work on platforms or marketplaces (such as Fiverr, Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube), but rather the work you provided for the top client.

  3.  How many clients can I add?
    You can add up to 5 clients.

  4. How do I edit/delete a client?
    You can edit/delete a client via your profile page.

  5. What if I did more than one project for the same client?
    No problem! You can add it to the project description field for that client.

  6. When will I (and buyers) see this information on my Gig and on Fiverr?
    Currently, your Top Client information will be displayed on your Fiverr profile page and Gig page immediately.
    Important: Any misuse of this feature will lead to the removal of your Top Client, and potentially the removal of your eligibility for this feature.

    In case you experience any issues with providing proof for this feature, please contact our Customer Support specialists.

  7.  What if I am requested to provide more information for my Top Client entry?
    Fiverr may require additional information for the review process. Examples of instances where additional information may be required:
  • The website is generic or does not include detailed work for the client
  • The invoice, work order, or communication linking your work to the client project is missing

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