Word count calculator

When you order a voice-over Gig, amongst other services that are driven by price-per-word, it can be difficult to estimate the exact cost of the service.

Enter the word count calculator! The easy-to-use feature enables you to quickly understand how much the service will cost.

By inputting the exact number of words in your script into the calculator, the cost is automatically generated.

This is helpful to both you and your seller as you will be able to budget accurately, and your seller will be able to forecast income—a win-win solution.


How to use the word count calculator

Note: The mobile app and the web process have the same steps, however, some of the views may differ.


1. Search for a voice-over Gig > Click on the one you would like to use.

The Gig Page will then open to the Gig Overview section.

2. In the top right corner of the page, the word count calculator is positioned within a box.
Here, you can also see the Gig price and the expected delivery date.

Note: When using Fiverr.com, the word count calculator is positioned on the right-hand side of the page, next to the portfolio image.

Web view

3. Type in the number of words you have in your script in the word count calculator (just below the Gig price and expected delivery date).

Note: The box is automatically filled with a predetermined amount. Be sure to change it to the exact number of words in your script to generate an accurate cost. This step ensures alignment between buyer and seller, one step closer to a seamless experience.

4. After you have entered the number of words required within the box, the price and delivery time will change (based on the seller’s pricing selections).
Once you are satisfied, click Continue.
5. Review your order details > Continue to Checkout. Web view
6. Review your payment options > Confirm & Pay.

7. After you have submitted your payment > Submit Requirements (if relevant).
Once you check out, both you and your seller will know exactly how many words will be included in the voice-over, and how much it will cost.

If you would like to conduct a word count prior to submitting anything on Fiverr, learn how to count words using Google docsMicrosoft Word, and Apple Pages.

 There is no way to conduct a word count in PDF documents, or documents specifically linked to mobile devices.


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