Early Payout

Early Payout provides eligible sellers with the option to make their earnings available for withdrawal, prior to the safety clearance period being over. The Early Payout feature aims to help sellers improve their cash flow.

There are a couple of factors to consider with the Early Payout feature.

  • Sellers who are subscribed to the Seller Plus Premium plan have access to this feature as part of their subscription.
    • Sellers who are eligible for the feature regardless of their Seller Plus subscription get access to the feature when the order is completed.
    • Sellers who only have access to the feature because of their Seller Plus membership get access to the feature 48 hours after the order is completed, assuming there are no issues with the completed order.

Please note: Early Payout is only available to selected sellers.

How it works

The Early Payout option can be accessed on the Earnings page. There you will see the Early Payout icon next to your clearing payments in the Activity Table (if you are eligible). 

To access the Early Payout option on the Earnings page:

  1. In the table, you will see the fee that will be charged for the action.
    To start the process, click the Early Payout icon for the order you’d like to get paid for.


  2. When you click Get paid now, the funds will become available for withdrawal.
    Closing the pop-up will take you back to the table.



1. What are the eligibility criteria required for Early Payout?
Eligibility is determined based on your sales and performance history, quality measures, and compliance with Fiverr's Terms of Service and Community Standards. Your eligibility is automatically defined and can change on a daily basis.
Please note: Currently, Early Payout is not available to everyone, and we are not accepting requests at the moment.

2. What are the fees?
The standard fee is 1%. 

3. Why don’t I have Early Payout option for all my orders? 
Auto-complete orders cannot be cleared with Early Payout.

4. How does Early Payout affect my withdrawals?
The feature only clears your earnings at an earlier stage. The actual withdrawal still needs to be completed through the standard withdrawal process. 

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