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Canceled orders: Refund to your Fiverr balance

Let’s review what happens after your cancelation request has been approved, how the refund process works, and our updated and convenient requesting a refund button.

What to do after cancelation?

After your cancellation request has been approved, here are a few additional options to help you out:

  • Pick a different seller from a personalized recommendations list
    Fiverr will provide you with a personalized list of seller recommendations on your orders page, to help you complete your project and make the seller search process easier.


  • Use the “Match Me” feature to find a new seller
    Simply submit your project’s details and requirements directly to us with Let's find you the right seller. From there, we’ll manually match you with a better fit for your project.


  • Send the refund to your Fiverr balance
    Fiverr offers you the ability to receive a refund with the click of a button.
    You can access the Request a refund button via the Balances tab under your billing section. 


How the refund process works

Once your order is successfully canceled, the funds will be credited directly to your Fiverr balance. You’ll see the credited funds next to your profile picture.

If you purchased and canceled an order with your Fiverr Pro account, your funds will be credited to the account’s balance.

Note: Fiverr doesn't automatically process refunds to your payment provider (e.g. credit card, PayPal, etc.) after an order has been canceled.

Requesting a refund

After your cancellation request has been approved, you’ll be able to receive your refund by clicking the Request a refund button in the billing section or under the Billing and payments page.

Note: You will see the funds back in your balance up to 10 days after your request has been processed.


Billing and payments.png

You can find the Request a refund button in a few ways:

  • Via your order cancellation confirmation page
    After you cancel your order, you’ll be able to click Fiverr balance at the top of the confirmation page.

  • Via the "Balances" tab
    Go to Order Activity > Billing and payments > Available balances.

  • Via the “Amount” button
    Click the refunded amount button, located next to your Profile Pic.

Refund timeline

The amount of time to receive your refund from your Fiverr balance will depend on which method you choose to receive the funds.

Refunds are usually completed within 24 hours of the request being processed by Customer Support.

Credit card
After your request is processed by Customer Support, credit card refunds are completed within 7-10 days—based on the card issuer’s processing time.

Please note: In extreme cases, it can take up to 2 weeks. Learn more about direct refunds here.

Refunds to a different card or PayPal account

We are only able to refund the original payment source that was used to process the payment. Fiverr is not able to change the card or PayPal account to where the funds will be credited.

Refund currency

If you paid for your order using a currency other than US dollars, your refund will be processed in the same currency and amount used in the payment.

For any further questions or concerns relating to your refund, please contact our Customer Support team.

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