Payment issues

There are a number of possible reasons for your payment to fail, but we're here to help you out.
In this article, you can review all of the payment failure possibilities, as well as, how to resolve some of your payment issues.

Reasons why a payment might fail

Here are a few reasons why your payment did not work:

  1. Pending transactions (for Credit Card)
    There may be a record of a pending transaction on your bank statement when the transaction through the card was unsuccessful, and an error appears on the payment page.
    This may occur when the authorization request is sent to the banking institution and in case of an error/failure, Fiverr is making sure to cancel/void the authorization.

    Please note:
    Depending on the processing time by your bank, the funds from canceled/voided authorizations should be placed back on your card within 2-7 days.

  2. Pending transactions (for PayPal)
    There may be a record of a pending transaction on your bank statement when the transaction through the PayPal method doesn’t succeed, and an error appears in the checkout.
    PayPal handles this accordingly by releasing the originally reserved/held funds.
    We recommend reaching out to PayPal directly for additional information.

  3. Cancellations/voided authorizations vs. refunds
    Cancellation/voiding of the authorization is not the same as a refund, so there won’t be a record of the refund on your bank statement. The funds originally reserved/held by the bank for the transaction will just be released back to your card's balance.

What to do if your payment fails?

When a payment fails, make sure that

  1. You input your card information correctly.
  2. Your card is valid.
  3. You haven't exceeded the limit on your card.

You can also contact your bank to make sure that you can make payments to an international company based in Israel.

How to troubleshoot payment issues?

To resolve issues with your payment, try these options:

  1. Contact your credit card company or PayPal.
    • If you attempted a payment through a credit card: Contact your credit card company to make sure there isn't an issue with your account.
    • If you attempted a payment through PayPal: We recommend contacting PayPal to ask for clarification on why the payment failed.

  2. Try a different payment method.
    • If you used a credit card, you have the option to use Paypal instead
    • If you used Paypal, please try using a credit card that is not attached to the same banking institution

  3. If you tried to purchase only once, then you may want to try one more time.
    To try again, start the checkout process from the start.

  4. Don’t click the "Go back" button on the browser or refresh the page. 

Note: Error messages will appear on the payment page.

Learn more with Save and remove your payment method.
Learn more about the different types of payment methods accepted by Fiver with Payment methods.

Important: If you have tried all of these options and everything is working on your end, but the payment has still not gone through successfully, you can contact Customer Support

What to do if you were charged twice?

A payment may have gone through more than once because:

  1. The checkout session was interrupted. Alternatively, the activity may have been repeated by clicking the "back arrow" in the browser or by refreshing the page. Clicking "go back"  and refreshing the checkout page is not recommended. 

  2. The payment button may have been pressed twice. When there are multiple attempts to place a purchase sometimes the payment processor authorizes multiple attempts. This causes the card to be charged twice.

If you were billed more than once, please contact Customer Support.

To speed up the process, have the following details available:

For payment through PayPal For payment through a credit/debit card
  • Your username or email
  • PayPal Transaction ID#
  • Amount of purchase
  • Fiverr order number (beginning with “FO”)
  • Your username or email
  • First 6 numbers of the card (card bin)
  • Last 4 of the card
  • Amount and date of purchase
  • Fiverr order number (beginning with “FO”) or without the order number if the order was not created

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