Promo codes

If you received a promo code, you can apply it during the checkout process.

How to apply a promo code

  1. Find the Gig you want to purchase > proceed to Order.
  2. Customize your order > proceed to Payment.
  3. In the Summary section > Enter promo code > Apply > Confirm & Pay.

Troubleshooting promo code errors

The promo code was not applied to the order.

  1. Promo codes have to be input manually on the checkout page.
  2. Once you input the promo code you need to click Apply.
  3. If this is not done, the promo code will not be added to the purchase.
    If you did all of these steps and the promo code is still not reflecting, remember that:
    • Promo codes can't be applied to orders that have already been created
    • Promo codes can only be used when the service is purchased with an external payment provider, such as a credit card or PayPal. 

To learn more about promo codes and their terms and conditions, please check out Fiverr's Payment Terms.

The Promo code is giving an "Invalid" error?

Individual promo codes have unique and various terms and conditions that must be met for the promo code to be applied effectively.
Among these terms, notice that some codes:

  • Have an expiration date.
  • May only be used on certain types of orders.
    For example: Orders from Pro sellers.
  • The order must cost a specific amount
    (For example: $10 off when the purchase is for $50, and above)

Applying a promo code to an ongoing order

Currently, it's not possible to apply a discount code to an ongoing order. Promo codes must be added on the payment page, prior to completing the payment.

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