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Would you like to compare your Gig’s sales rates with sellers within the same subcategory?

Advanced Analytics enables this and more. Optimize your Gig based on the specific Keywords that buyers are using to search the Marketplace, and understand your Gig’s sales rates with the data provided by a comprehensive Traffic Analysis report.

Advanced Analytics tabs

By leveraging the new capabilities within the Advanced Analytics feature, Seller Plus subscribers can learn more about their businesses and understand specific ways to potentially improve them. 

Within Advanced Analytics, sellers will now see three new tabs under the Analytics tab, including Gig Performance, Order Breakdown, and Keywords.

Gig Performance

As a Seller Plus subscriber, you can learn how your own and other Gigs in your subcategory convert in terms of both:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    The percentage of buyers who choose to click on your Gig's card and go into the Gig's page.
    You can also discover how your Click-Through Rates compare to other Gigs within your subcategory.

  • Conversion Rate (CR)
    The percentage of buyers who choose to order your Gig, after having reviewed your Gig page.
    You can also discover how your Conversion Rate compares to other Gigs within your subcategory.

Use this data to see how your Click-Through Rates and Conversion Rates compared to other sellers within your subcategory and to see where you can improve. 

Order Breakdown

See where your orders originate from and where you can potentially get even more orders.


Learn what Keywords resulted in: 

  • The most exposure your Gig has experienced (also known as “Impressions”)
  • The most clicks
  • The most orders received
  • The highest conversion rate
  • The most revenue earned

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