Data science and data-related services

In a world powered by data, Fiverr recognizes that more granular expertise is needed to fulfill buyers’ data requirements to help every business with all their data-driven decisions. 

From data storage solutions to algorithm development and optimization, these niche categories, within the data-centric industry, now stand in their own rights as specialized services in the marketplace. 

Note: Don’t worry, if you’ve used data services on Fiverr in the past, you can still find the same great services, as well as some new ones, in their new home.

Business owners on Fiverr now have further access to data-driven business processes to improve business overall, and Fiverr is the destination whereby to clarify and make these data-driven decisions.

Types of data services offered to buyers:

  • Learning from prior data (training) 
  • Predictive modelling
  • Machine learning
  • Quantitative measurement 
  • Regression and Classification techniques and analyses
  • Algorithm development and application
  • Many more data orientated services 

So, what are the new subcategories available within the Data vertical?

You’re probably already aware of the existing data-orientated subcategories (Databases and Data Analysis), but be sure to check out the assortment of exciting new capabilities added. The subcategories now, in total, are: 

  1. Databases
  2. Data Processing 
  3. Data Analytics 
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Data Science
  6. Data Entry 
  7. Other

Breaking the data down


This subcategory offers services relating to the planning and design of data storage solutions including the integrity and optimization of the data structure and architecture. Further services within this domain include: 

  • Writing and improving database queries for a multitude of databases (SQL, NoSQL, etc.)
  • Storage solutions on the cloud
  • Database administration services 
  • Queries and consultations 

Note: Gigs (Optimization & Design, Queries, and Help/Consultation) will be moved from the Programming & Tech category to Databases. 

Data Processing

Data collection services are provided through web scraping and extraction using mining capabilities. Further services within this domain include: 

  • Data manipulation and transformation (ETL)
  • Automations
  • Formula and Macro creations on data sheets (such as excel, google sheets etc.), VBA, and script editor code snippets.

Note: Gigs (VBA/Macros and Data Mining/Scraping) will be moved from the Programming & Tech category to Data Processing. 

Data Analytics

Data-driven decision-making based on business data analysis. Here, statistical and business intelligence models applicative techniques, applied across all business functions, are used to optimize sales effort, product performance, inventory management, and forecasting. Further services within this domain include offering data services in: 

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Product and UX
  • Surveys and Research
  • Business and Financial fields
  • Planning and Supply Chain
  • Consultation

Note: Gigs (Modeling and Consultation) will be moved from the Programming & Tech category to Data Analytics. 

Data Visualization

This subcategory is what it states: the ability to see data in a visual format by:

  • Creating graphs and charts
  • Integrating interactive dashboards
  • Generating reports based on business information 
  • Creating geographical information systems on map views

Note: Gigs (Visualization) will be moved from the Programming & Tech category to Data Visualization. 

Data Science

BU using machine learning and advanced AI techniques to extract business insights, useful information is derived from unstructured text blocks and natural language. Services within this domain include:

  • Finding similarities and objects within images and videos, and adjusting images automatically. 
  • Ranking search results and suggesting personalized information
  • Analyzing information based on historical data. 
  • Using deep learning, KNN algorithms, and artificial neural networks.

Note: Machine Learning Gigs will be moved from the Programming & Tech category to Data Science. 

Data Entry 

Services within this domain include:

  • Manual data capturing typing and virtual assistance operations of Insert, upload, delete, fix formats, verification, tagging, aggregate, collect information, cleaning, process data records, and copy-paste. 


Data is an exponential industry and there are many more data-orientated service types. In order to learn the precise place for them, and for us as Fiverr to continue learning about required data services, this category stands to grow. 

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